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Ashley-Lily-Victoria-bicker-YR-CBSAt Newman Enterprises, Ashley and Victoria bicker about what Lily’s duties will be. Victoria insists her needs will prevail and Lily exits. Ashley baits Victoria about Victor’s intentions in hiring someone experienced and less insecure. After, Victoria informs Victor that Ashley wants to be CEO. He assures her he won’t give Ashley control of his company and warns her not to be manipulated.

At home, JT tells Reed he can go out that night. Reed promises to return right after the jam, and asks about his father’s plans. JT has something unexpected in mind.

At Hamilton-Winters, Hilary sends an irritated Charlie on an errand, and Phyllis arrives needing a wingman for a secret mission. After, downstairs, Hilary hides behind a menu in the dining room as Phyllis greets Jordan. He’s intrigued about possibly doing a campaign for Fenmore’s, but Phyllis confronts him about the Chelsea 2.0 fraud. Angry, he moves to leave, but Hilary appears and threatens to call the police if he doesn’t tell all. Jordan admits Chelsea has skills in that area and used to run scams using social security numbers. He can’t understand her doing it now, however.

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At the Abbott mansion, Billy says he hopes Jack’s plan works, then takes a call from JT, who is having a dinner party.Ash-Jack-amends-YR-CBS Jack remarks on Billy having dinner with his ex and her no-longer-ex. Later, Ashley arrives to find a display in her honor on the mantle. Jack appears – it’s a show of appreciation and long overdue apology. He makes a heartfelt speech about how much she has contributed to Jabot and how deeply he regrets his actions. Jack offers her anything she wants to return to the company. He vows to repeal the amendment and Ash cries. She appreciates the gesture, but it’s too late. She can forgive him, but doesn’t trust him.

In the penthouse, Chelsea complains to Nick about Phyllis’ accusations. Nick says Phyllis just wants answers. Chelsea’s irked he seems to be defending her. Nick reassures her. He takes a call from JT and accepts a dinner invitation. Chelsea gets a message from Jordan saying he’s in town and needs to see her regarding Phyllis. She agrees to meet at Crimson Lights.

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At Top of the Tower, Lily fills Nikki in on Victoria and Ashley butting heads, and worries about how to handle it. Nikki realizes she wants her to go to Victor about it. Later, Victor meets Nikki and reveals he already knows Ashley has designs on his position. Nikki thinks he should rethink hiring her. Victor muses that Victoria does better with someone nipping at her heels. When Nikki presumes he wouldn’t promote Ashley over their daughter, Victor shocks her by not discounting the possibility.

Still at the Club, Hilary and Phyllis discuss what Jordan had to say about Chelsea. Phyllis is convinced Chelsea stole money and won’t stop digging.

Victoria arrives at home and discovers she and JT will be hosting a dinner party. They recall that tomorrow is their wedding anniversary and kiss.

Jordan-Chelsea-update-YR-CBSAt Crimson Lights, Jordan updates Chelsea and warns he could have made things worse for her since he’s familiar with the alias ‘Alexandra West’. Nick enters and Chelsea loudly complains about Phyllis trying to get the goods on her. Nick asks Jordan to go. He and Chelsea exchange a look as he leaves.

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Phyllis-confront-Chelsea-YR-CBSAt home, Victoria hints to JT about what they might do after dinner. Chelsea and Nick arrive. Chelsea asks JT to get Phyllis to back off. Just then, Billy and Phyllis arrive. JT pipes up, “Let’s eat.” As Phyllis and Chelsea glare, Billy agrees. “The sooner the better.” After the meal, pleasantries are exchanged about JT’s cooking before Chelsea has a go at Phyllis for interrogating Jordan. Phyllis snaps at her to stop acting so innocent. Billy steps in to say the kids are upstairs. They keep it up and Phyllis asserts that Chelsea stole and is lying to everyone. Later, JT reveals to Vikki that he’ll accept the job at Newman. “Happy Anniversary, Baby.”

Jordan-Lily-square-off-YR-CBSAt the Club, Jordan spots Lily, who confronts him about the disgusting act of posting nude photos of Hilary, and informs him she’s back with Cane. Hilary appears as he’s questioning Lily’s life choices and backs her up. Lily leaves and Jordan scratches his head over them supporting one another. He offers Hilary a drink, but she declines – she could be pregnant via a donor. Jordan chuckles and tells her he used to donate and the sperm bank listed him as a brain surgeon.

At Top of the Tower, Billy doesn’t want to believe Chelsea did this, but assures Phyllis he’s on her side and trusts her instincts.

At the penthouse, Nick tells Chelsea that Phyllis was out of line. Chelsea receives a text from an unknown person that says ‘you won’t get away with it’.

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