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Billy-Phyllis-suspect-YR-CBBilly arrives home to find Phyllis has set up an evidence board to solve the cyber-crime surrounding Alexandra West. She reveals that Chelsea may be their prime suspect and fills him in on the money in the penthouse. Billy argues that Chelsea’s reformed, but Phyllis counters that she was resistant to going to the police, which didn’t sit right with her.

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At the penthouse, Chelsea deflects Nick’s attempt to use her laptop. He mentions the fraud case and wishes they could nail Alexandra West. Chelsea hopes never to hear that name again. Nick goes upstairs and Phyllis arrives. She feigns surprise that Chelsea is ready to drop the fraud case. When Phyllis wants to discuss it, Chelsea quickly suggests they go elsewhere, just before Nick appears.

At Hamilton-Winters, Hilary arrives upset about not having a parking space or an office. Devon reminds her it’s not a partnership – he bought her company. Hilary wants to get invested in what they’re trying to create. Devon concedes he’ll revisit the office idea in the future. Mariah, sitting with Tessa, blurts, “Thank God, I thought my ears were going to start bleeding.” Devon announces an offsite team-building exercise and they grab their coats.

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At the Abbott mansion, Jack and Ashley bicker. Traci arrives and tries unsuccessfully to cut the tension with chatter about an old acquaintance. Jack and Ashley keep fighting. A video call comes in from Paris.Ashley-Jack-bicker-YR-CB It’s Dina, who doesn’t recognize Traci and demands she put Ashley and Jack on. Billy arrives as they struggle to get Dina to remember Traci. Dina crows about Ashley and Jack honoring John’s legacy together. Billy comforts the tearful Traci, and Jack and Ashley chime in to reassure her. Traci hollers about them treating their family like its disposable while Dina is losing her memory bit by bit. After, Ashley apologizes to her sister, who demands she fix things with Jack, but she can’t; it’s too fresh. She urges Traci to be there for their brother. Elsewhere, Billy appeals to Jack, and points out that he’s being an ass and a punk. Jack grimaces. “I hate it when you’re right.” He admits to regretting using the amendment against Ashley. Billy suggests the way around it is to change the rule.

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At Top of the Tower, Devon tells Tessa, Mariah, and Hilary this is a safe space tonight to figure out how to utilize their built in synergy. He requests their input. Mariah and Hilary butt heads about the show’s identity. Hil wants to add a spin-off about her pregnancy. Devon points out that hasn’t happened yet.Noah-Tessa-user-YR-CBS Hilary talks about a new project that will help the label. Devon declares that this is good – he understands where Hilary sees herself in the company. Tessa wants to continue to find her voice as a songwriter, and Mariah says she’s enjoys her job as is. Hilary sniffs about Mariah not having goals, and Tessa defends her. Noah overhears her say it’s easy to see why everyone likes Mariah, and snarks, “I bet it is.” Mariah joins the disgruntled Noah and assures him Devon tried to ensure he was off tonight. Noah snarls about being someone to avoid. Tessa talks to him next, but he’s hostile and calls her a user. He orders another drink and Devon steps in to tell him he’s had too much. Noah confronts Devon for defending Tessa and ends up drunkenly falling down.

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis points out to Chelsea that the mirror site wasn’t selling knock-offs, so the stock had to have been stolen by someone from Chelsea 2.0. Chelsea shrugs that she has a lot of employees. Phyllis has a way to narrow it down. Chelsea balks at insulting her staff by making them take lie detector tests. Phyllis soothes that she can go first and lead by example. Chelsea refuses and wants to move on.

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Back at the penthouse, Chelsea updates Nick that she and Phyllis came up empty, when Phyllis comes to the door again. Chelsea pretends to hear Christian so Nick goes upstairs. Phyllis presses the lie detector idea, then questions why Chelsea’s not interested in catching the thieving bitch – is she protecting someone? Chelsea becomes defensive on behalf of her employees. Phyllis says the thief is at Chelsea 2.0 – if it’s not one of her staff that only leaves one person. Nick reappears and Chelsea complains Phyllis is accusing her of stealing from her own company. Phyllis brings up the found cash and questions why she wouldn’t have known about it if Adam hid it. Chelsea is briefly speechless then protests. Phyllis apologizes and shows herself out. Nick eyeballs Chelsea. In the elevator, Phyllis looks smug.

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