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At the Club, Lauren asks JT for an update on the work he’s doing for Fenmore’s. Cane overhears and is displeased. Nikki-walk-shame-YR-CBSLauren fills Cane in on the reason she enlisted JT’s help before leaving. Cane is irritated that JT broke the contract, and warns him not to do this again. By the stairs, Phyllis lets Nikki know she saw her go upstairs with Arturo last night. Nikki wonders if she’s calling her out for doing a ‘walk of shame’, but Phyllis denies it and enthuses, “You go, girl!” After, Mariah spots Tessa and questions why she’s at work so early.

In the penthouse, Nick tells Chelsea he’s going to use the money she donated to build a children’s playground at the complex. Nick is dismayed to learn Nikki upped Arturo’s pay and Chelsea muses that she must have had a reason. Chelsea takes a call from Phyllis, who says she and Lauren want to issue a press release about the website, but Chelsea balks.

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At Newman Enterprises, Ashley and Victoria exchange cloaked barbs about Brash & Sassy and Abby. Ashley calls Victoria paranoid. Vikki knows Ashley met with Lily and demands to know what she’s up to. Ash warns her to get a grip on her insecurities, she’s too busy to deal with it. After, JT shows up with soup, looking to spend time with Victoria. He fills her in on Cane’s disappointment and admits he’s pissed off since he’s only given him rinky-dink assignments. Victoria-confront-Ashley-NE-YR-CBSVikki sniffs that Cane’s a mediocre executive and she has no faith in his ability to run Chancellor. She decides JT should come work at Newman. He’s reluctant, but is willing to entertain the position of Head of Security. Victoria launches into complaining about Ashley before taking a call from ‘Maurice’. JT’s a little jealous but she assures him the hotel manager from Paris is gay. She pushes JT to accept the position there, but he needs time to think. Later, Ashley learns Victoria offered JT a job, though she doesn’t need her boyfriend to protect her job. Ashley counters she learned not to assume anything just because your name’s on the building. Victoria puts Ashley on notice if she’s thinking she’ll succeed Victor. Ashley muses that Victor can’t live forever and maybe the board will award his position not to the person interested in nepotism, but to the best candidate for the job.

Nick meets with Nikki at the Club, and she explains her reasoning for upping Arturo’s pay. Nick accepts it and leaves. Nikki ignores a call from Arturo.

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At Crimson Lights, Mariah tells Sharon she doesn’t think Tessa has anywhere to live. Sharon wouldn’t let her move back in again – she understands Mariah feels bad for her, but warns her to keep her guard up around her.

At Jabot, Lauren and Phyllis meet with Chelsea. Lauren reports that JT has a lead on Alexandra West – she thinks he’ll have answers very soon.

At the penthouse, Nick questions Chelsea about being thrown by him using Adam’s money to build a playground. Chelsea reassures him before taking a call from Phyllis – JT wants them all to meet.

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Nick ends up at the coffeehouse, where Sharon and Mariah are still discussing Tessa’s homelessness. Nick can’t understand why Mariah’s getting involved, but the redhead wants to cut her some slack. Sharon and Nick resist, so Mariah pushes harder. Nick agrees to give her a vacant unit in his building.

Back at Jabot, Chelsea disagrees with Lauren and Phyllis’ plan to issue a press release.Chelsea-update-alexandra-west-YR-CBS Phyllis wonders what she’s worried about as she continues to argue against it. JT arrives and reveals he found Alexandra West, who is deceased, so the culprit was using ID in her name. He suggests they get a warrant for the bank footage, but Chelsea snaps that it’s a terrible idea as it could be bad for her brand. She urgently suggests they take the write-off and move on.

Mariah arrives at Hamilton-Winters as Tessa receives the tenant application in email from Nick. Mariah explains, and Tessa proclaims it incredible. “I’ll never forget this.”

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At Crimson Lights, Sharon and Nick agree they can see both sides of the Tessa situation. Nick feels if Chelsea can turn her life around there’s hope for Tessa. Sharon, who overheard Phyllis talking about Chelsea’s line, asks about the investigation. Nick thinks JT is getting close. Later, Phyllis arrives and discusses the situation with Sharon, who reveals that Nick found cash stashed in the bathroom wall at the penthouse.

At the penthouse, Chelsea lies to Nick that Lauren convinced her it was best not to pursue the investigation regarding her line – she’s disappointed.

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