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At home, Cane works to make sure Sam’s not a problem for Lily though she reassures him. She offers to watch him when the nanny calls in sick and Cane can’t find a back-up.

In their living room, Victoria thanks JT for dropping the kids at school. He talks about traffic and the kids but she’s distracted by work. After a shower, he’s ready to leave for a meeting. Victoria remains distracted by her phone and computer, and JT shuts the door loudly as he leaves.

At the Abbott house, Ashley taunts that Jack’s on edge. He snaps that they’ll see who’s on edge by the end of the day.

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JT-Advice-YR-CBSAt Top of the Tower, Tessa asks Noah to let it go when he questions her about the situation with Mariah. Noah feels bad his sister is the one hurting her. Tessa reiterates that he should stop dredging it up. Later, Cane meets JT, who is taken aback to be given a task beneath his capabilities. Cane senses something’s up. JT admits Victoria was consumed with her work, and explains her career was one of the reasons they broke up previously. Cane advises him to face the problem head-on.

At Crimson Lights, Hilary, along with Mariah, asks Michael for a quote on the Abbott arbitration. Michael expresses confidence in Jack’s case, then offers to represent Mariah in her copyright dispute. Hilary’s puzzled when she turns him down. Later, Phyllis approaches Ashley about Jack and the arbitration. Ash isn’t up for Phyllis defending her brother, and believes she’ll be vindicated. Phyllis plans to be first in line to congratulate Jack.

At Jabot, Jack tells Gloria no one is to disturb him except Michael, however, she’s unable to stop Phyllis from entering. Phyllis wonders what he’ll do if Ashley wins.Ashley-talk-alone-Jack-YR-CB Jack won’t be a subordinate and insists John would want him there; he’s destined to run Jabot. Later, alone, Jack muses to his father that things are different now. Elsewhere, Ashley wishes John were there. Tony appears and apologizes to Ashley – he thought they would rule in her favor. In Jack’s office, after listening to Michael he breathes, “It’s over.” Michael suggests Jack visit Ashley to tell her he’d do anything for her, but Gloria and Phyllis bust in and Ashley overhears them celebrating. Jack invites her in. The others exit. Jack tells her he values her, but Ashley resigns. “You and I are done.”

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Noah pops in on Victoria and goes over the Tessa and Mariah situation with her. Vikki advises him to talk to Mariah. He asks about JT moving in and she reflects that it’s a bit like when they were together before. Later, JT arrives home, apologizes for slamming the door, and Victoria ignores a call as he tells her how much she means to him. They dance to ‘their song’.

Mariah-Hilary-sell-company-YR-CBSAt GC Buzz, Hilary continues to press Mariah about her reasons for not letting Tessa release the song. Mariah wants her to let it go and insists there’s no deep, dark secret, but Hilary is unconvinced. She takes a call from someone wanting to buy the company, and Mariah overhears and questions her. Hilary needs to secure her finances for her and her future baby. She knows what it’s like to grow up without money and doesn’t want that for her child. Later, Noah arrives to confront Mariah about the song. He asks her to back down. Mariah informs him Tessa admitted to reading her journal and adds she stole the lyrics, word for word. Noah presses her to show him the journal as proof. Mariah resists and Noah gets irritated, pressing her to allow the release of the song. When he questions her trust in him, Mariah pleads, “Don’t make me do this, please.” Resigned, she hands him the journal to read. He learns they kissed and angrily walks out.

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Hilary stops in at the Ashby house and helps Lily out with the crying baby. Lily thanks her. They discuss Sam. Lily looks at him and sees Juliet; a physical reminder of Cane’s affair. She doesn’t know if she’ll ever get over it. Hilary urges her to stop being so hard on herself and says she admires her for trying to do this – she’ll love him even if it takes a while. After, Lily comforts the baby.

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