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In a taxicab in Paris, Cane tells the driver he needs to find his wife. He arrives at his hotel, enters his suite, and immediately after, Lily exits a suite across the hall.

At their shoot, Abby enthuses about being in France.Abby-Lily-move-YR-CBS Lily loves it, but admits she’s thinking about Cane. She talks about the twins’ feelings on the idea of them getting back together, then realizes she left her phone at the hotel. Abby assures her she will be reunited with her phone, and with Cane after she gets home, if that’s what she wants. After more shooting, Abby reveals she’s thinking of relocating to Paris until they get Brash & Sassy launched. Lily smiles that everything she needs is at home.

At the Chancellor mansion, Billy prompts JT an email he sent. JT texts Victoria that he needs to see her. She replies ‘that can be arranged’.

Victoria-meeting-Devon-YR-CBSIn Victoria’s office, she turns her attention from her cellphone to Devon’s PR ideas, and says she would love to give some talks while Abby’s keeping a low profile. Talk turns to Reed. Devon assures her she’s a great mom, but warns they should put a lid on the DUI thing. Vikki shares that he’s moved in with her parents; she couldn’t get through to him. Devon asks if she and JT are together…on Reed. Vikki stammers that, yes, they are. After Devon leaves, she text JT to meet at her place.

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At the Chancellor mansion, JT dashes out after receiving Victoria’s text, leaving Billy believing he’s gung-ho about work.

Nikki-Victor-help-YR-CBSAt the Club, Nikki complains to Victor about a man raising rents on low income people. Vic shrugs that he’s a businessman, and cautions she can’t save the world single-handedly. Nikki presses for them to help out one of their own. Victor enjoys seeing her fired up and asks if she needs his help. She doesn’t, so far. Once alone, Nikki phones someone; she needs their help.

Nick and Mariah discuss Sharon’s homeless family at Crimson Lights. Mariah asks him not to be judge-y, and he agrees. In fact, he wishes there was something he could do to help. They’re both impressed with Sharon’s commitment to helping people. Mariah recalls Sharon taking her in, and points out Nick is a ‘do-gooder’ as well. Later, Devon runs into Mariah. They chat about Neil spending time with Moses before talk turns to Tessa’s songwriting. Mariah senses something’s off, and Devon admits his label may be in trouble. He talks about what he wants for Hamilton-Winters, and admits his music division is failing. Mariah’s encouraged at his determination to fix it.

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In Paris, Cane can’t reach Lily, so checks in with Billy, who claims to be buying a chain of amusement parks. Cane phones JT, who says Billy’s winding him up, and lends some advice about what to say to Lily when he finds her.

At Victoria’s place, JT disconnects from Cane. Victoria tells him it’s crazy sneaking around like this. JT asks gruffly if she wants to stop.JT-Victoria-wall-YR-CBS She throatily replies, “No.” They’re half undressed up against the wall when Victor enters. Once they have shirts on again, Victor apologizes for barging in; he needs Reed’s school book. Victoria cringes and JT reminds her they’re adults, it’s no big deal as Vic heads up to Reed’s room. JT then indicates her shirt’s on inside-out. After, Victoria walks Victor out, and he warns her ex is a waste of time. JT remains amused and suggests they start a ‘thing’. Vikki smiles as he pulls her close. Soon, Victoria takes a call from Cane, who needs Lily’s itinerary, while JT fields a call from Billy who accuses him of lying about having a meeting. JT counters he sounds like a paranoid husband and disconnects. He says he has to go, but they start kissing. Vikki promises they’ll be together again soon. JT breathes, “Not soon enough.”

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Nick meets Nikki at the Club, and is surprised to hear she’s on Sharon’s side where Kathy and her kids are concerned. Nikki wants to hold a charity dinner for homeless families as a kick-off to a full-on campaign to provide ongoing support as they get on their feet. Nick suggests they team up, and offers the insurance money from the Underground that Noah didn’t want. Nikki enthuses that they are partners. Victor appears and learns they will build a place for the homeless. Nick goes, and Victor tells Nikki about JT and Victoria. Nikki snaps, “What are they thinking?” Vic feels it will be a colossal mistake.

Cane arrives at Lily’s photo shoot to find she’s already left.

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