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At the Club, Nikki and Vikki embrace and discuss Newman being outbid for Chancellor Park. Nikki senses her daughter has something else on her mind. Victoria tells her JT was brought in to investigate Victor’s personal account, and expresses her concerns. Billy appears, and Nikki hears that he encountered JT and bears a grudge. Nikki hates the idea of JT causing more pain. Billy plans to stay away from him. After, Vikki confides to Billy that she’d like to help Reed and JT get back on track. Talk turns to baking cookies with the kids. Vikki invites him to bring Phyllis over for it – she’s part of his life. Billy smiles. They agree they like being friends again.

In Crimson Lights, Devon and Nick both want to know who bought the park. Nick worries it’s another developer. Nick sits with Chelsea and they discuss the same thing. He’s prepared to fight the sale and has scheduled a rally.

At Sharon’s place, she informs Scott she turned off his alarm…he’s been avoiding her by waking up early and sneaking out. Scott denies it as Mariah and Faith come downstairs. Mariah watches Faith’s reactions to Scott. Nick arrives looking for the girls to help make signs for his rally. Mariah and Faith head out the door. Nick asks if Sharon’s coming, but she needs time with Scott. Later, Nick and the girls come in. When Faith heads outside, Nick asks Mariah about Faith having a problem with Scott. Mariah feels it’s probably nothing. After, Nick questions Faith about Scott; he figures she’s feeling how she did about Chelsea.

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At the Abbott house, Jack tells Hilary he loves her upbeat stories; she’s delivered and should be proud. Hilary-Jack-baby-talk-YR-CBSTalk turns to the Cane interview. Jack wants her to run segments like that by him – he would have vetoed it since Cane’s the competition. Hilary observes that he hates not being number one. Jack will change that very soon. Hilary says Cane’s interview was a redemption story, and shows Jack a photo of Baby Sam. He thinks she looks comfortable holding a baby, but Hilary protests. She tells Jack about Nick’s rally at Chancellor Park. He’s impressed. Hil says Jack is a good friend, and a good man for taking care of Dina. Jack wonders if she’d have Christmas with them. She accepts.

Scott-Sharon-avoiding-me-YR-CBSAt Crimson Lights, Sharon finally gets Scott to make time to talk. She presumes she scared him by saying she loved him, and asks if that’s why he’s avoiding her. Sharon notes this seems torturous to him, which worries her. Scott wants to talk elsewhere. On the patio, Jack runs into Nikki while on a pastry run for Dina. Nikki marvels at him taking on the world. He senses something’s up with her and presses her to talk. Nikki did something impulsively trying to beat Victor at his own game and worries it will backfire on her. She can’t tell Jack for his own good. Jack urges her to be smarter than him.

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At Chancellor Park, Nick leaves Mariah and Faith to set up. Mariah ‘pinky swears’ not to tell if Faith confides in her about Scott, but Faith is offended at being treated like a child. Later, Chelsea meets Nick and hears the rally was a success and will be on The Hilary Hour. She’s proud.

At the Club, Mariah informs Faith if she doesn’t want to be treated like a kid, she shouldn’t act like one. She presses her to open up about Scott. Faith eventually admits she went to the park the other day after Sharon said she couldn’t go, and saw Scott kiss Abby. “Like, really kissed her.” At the bar, Devon invites Hilary to stop by for a drink on the holidays. Hil thanks him, but she’s spending the day with the Abbotts. Devon asks her to let him know if things change.

Sharon-Scott-truly-love-you-YR-CBSAt home, Scott admits to Sharon he thought love was off the table until things developed into something more serious. Sharon asks, “More serious than living together?” She tears up and doesn’t understand why he moved in there. Scott assures her he wants her, and wants all of this. Scott takes her face. “I love you, Sharon. Truly and forever.”

At Newman, Victoria is puzzled when Nikki asks about JT’s audit, and then admits she stole from Victor – moved funds from his account to an offshore bank – now she’s worried she could go to prison.

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