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At Crimson Lights, Mariah remarks to Sharon that Hilary’s being decent to publicize Abby and Scott’s disappearance – she thinks it will make a difference. Billy-Dina-memory-jog-YR-CBSOn the patio, Billy ‘hangs out’ with Dina, who thinks Jack put him up to it. She wonders why Sharon keeps looking at her. Inside, Paul arrives and Sharon updates him on her previous talk with Dina. They head to the patio, where Dina isn’t receptive to chatting at first, but then remembers hearing Abby’s voice in the car she rode in. She further reveals that Zach was driving, and they went into a building with the name ‘Roadside’. Paul and Sharon find a ‘Roadside Storage’ on his phone and take off.

Abby-Scott-regret-YR-CBSIn the storage unit under a moving blanket, Scott and Abby lay naked and mutually disgusted about having had sex. They snipe at one another, and she barks at him to turn around while she gets dressed. After they’re clothed, they search through boxes and Abby assures him she’s on birth control. Scott paces, needing a distraction. She pulls a notebook from a box and says, “In that case, get over here.” It’s a list of the companies Zach controls and the properties he uses for safehouses. Abby can’t believe she had sex with Zach without truly knowing him; he’s evil.

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Jordan arrives at Phyllis’ place, where she’s upset about the neighbor’s loud music, to confront her about working with Hilary, so she could search his room. Phyllis thought they were having fun – who knows what might have happened had Billy not interrupted? Jordan pulls her close and offers to find out now, but she snarks about not knowing his true identity; he’s no more trustworthy than Billy. After, Phyllis hides her head and screams as the neighbor’s music stops, then continues. She then cranks up her own tunes before turning on GC Buzz.

Noah arrives at the penthouse and rehashes the events of the party with Nick. He then reveals he’ll be running the Top of the Tower for Victor, and adds Victoria convinced him. Nick questions if this is ‘moving forward’, and Noah assures him he’s not delusional about Victor. He asks about Nick’s next move. Nick has time to figure it out.

At GC Buzz, Chelsea chastises Hilary for exposing Jordan. Hilary thinks she should be thanking her for keeping her name out of it. Mariah arrives and learns Hilary’s working on another story besides the disappearance.Hilary-after-Chelsea-YR-CBS Just then, Jordan appears, complains that Victoria fired him, and demands Hilary air a retraction…or else. Mariah intervenes to suggest he back off. Jordan then threatens legal action, but Hilary sweetly explains it’s not slander if it’s the truth. Chelsea pulls Jordan aside to warn him to leave while he can, but he wants to stick around to make sure this mess doesn’t get worse. On the air, Hilary and Mariah address the disappearance. They take a commercial break and Hilary receives breaking news. She goes live with an elderly viewer named Connie Wood, who reveals she was scammed by Jordan and a woman. A photo of the conwoman is displayed – it’s Chelsea! Connie shares that she paid them money, and they ran the same con on other older women too. Hilary signs off and Chelsea hollers, “You bitch!” A confrontation ensues until Jordan pulls Chelsea away from Hilary. Chelsea snaps at him for keeping the fake IDs and packs up her clothing line.

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In the penthouse, Nick grimaces after seeing Chelsea exposed on GC Buzz. Noah says it may not have been her in the photo, but Nick reminds him they knew she had a past.

At Phyllis’ place, she finishes watching GC Buzz, pops aspirin, and decides to leave due to the Sex Pistols blasting next door. She opens the door to Billy, who reveals that he rented the apartment beside her and quips, “Did I leave my music on?”

Sharon and Paul arrive at the storage unit, to discover it empty. Paul deduces that they used a dead cellphone battery to start a fire so the sprinkler system would release the locks. Sharon notices Scott’s tie and realizes he was there.

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Dina says, “It was self-defense. Now can we please drop this?” Jack replies, “No we can’t, and that’s where the doctor comes in.”

Victor asks, “What have you got?” Paul replies, “What I have, you may not want to hear.”

Zach enters a motel room where Scott is hanging up the phone. Abby gasps, “Oh my God!” Zach levels a gun at them, and smiles, “Here we are again, Abby.”

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