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At Jabot, Abby shares the news of her party with her mother – she thinks Victor’s preparing to give her a new title. Talk turns to Dina, and Abby mentions her grandmother taking the sugar packets. Ash is puzzled. After, Abby is looking through a box of her mother’s things when Dina arrives and snaps, accusing her of not wanting her to set foot in Jabot.

At Top of the Tower, Neil goes over the announcement with an impressed Victor and Victoria. Zach arrives and schmoozes Victor about Abby taking over the reins at Newman one day. Nearby, Nikki greets Victoria and Neil, who proposes the family present a united front tonight. Victor suggests Nikki shouldn’t be there if she can’t fake it, so she agrees. Noah arrives, followed by Abby. Zach gushes that he’s proud of her until Neil drags her away. Abby thanks Victoria for attending to help her celebrate.

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At the hospital, Cane and Lily can’t believe Juliet didn’t make it. Lily asks about the baby. Cane explains there are complications; they just don’t know yet. Lily-hospital-support-Cane-YR-CBS Lily feels guilty for being jealous of Juliet carrying his child. Cane reassures her. Lily takes a call from Mattie, who wants permission to attend an event. Lily agrees. Cane calls Juliet’s father, who doesn’t care about the baby or his daughter’s funeral arrangements. Cane tells Lily it hit him – he’s all his son has in this world. The birth certificate is blank, and Lily suggests Cane name him Sam as a tribute to his sister Samantha. Cane thinks the idea’s excellent. Lily feels Juliet is watching over Cane and the baby. She decides to head home, but tells Cane the boy is lucky to have him.

In her living room, a beaming Mattie texts Reed that she can attend the party. She removes her glasses and looks in the mirror, but can’t see so puts them back on. Reed arrives. They missed each other and embrace.

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At Crimson Lights, Tessa assures Crystal that soon she won’t have to hide anymore. Crystal’s unconvinced. On the patio, Scott complains to Sharon that Zach has played this perfectly; played Abby perfectly, and has a chance to legitimize himself. Sharon muses that it would be a shame to ruin his big moment. They approach Crystal and suggest that she confront Zach at the party tonight; it may be their best shot at nailing the bastard. Crystal declares that she’ll need a killer outfit.

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Reed and Mattie arrive at the party and Reed is recruited to appear in the Newman family photo shoot. Nikki is pressed to stand beside Victor, who must hold her hand. Ashley enters and chats with Neil, who suggests they share a drink later. Ash agrees and adds that he’s looking good. Noah takes Victor aside to complain about Nick not rebuilding The Underground, so Victor offers him Top of the Tower. Noah declines and joins Tessa at the door. Abby and Zach enthuse about how it’s the just the beginning for her, and for them, as Scott glares from the doorway. Victor takes the floor and gives Abby accolades for the dating app, then announces that the Newmans are back, and effective immediately, Victoria is the COO of Newman Enterprises and his right hand. After, Scott finds Abby pacing and rambling that Victor lied and she got screwed. Zach joins them and convinces her to stay and not give Victoria the satisfaction of slinking off. Sharon and Crystal enter as Tessa prepares to perform. As she sings, Victoria urges Noah to take ‘the perfect job’ Victor’s offering. Noah listens to her pitch about reuniting the family and agrees. Abby approaches Victoria, notes she didn’t see it coming, but welcomes her back. Victoria reminds her she’ll be reporting to her, and Abby starts coming apart, sneering that she ran her make-up company into the ground in less than a year. Victor intervenes, but Abby walks off. Dina-Nikki-stabbing-YR-CBZach follows her to the bar. Scott, Sharon and Crystal corner them and accuse Zach of running the sex ring from the dating app. Zach starts to warn Crystal, and Scott interjects – why is he making threats if he has nothing to hide? Abby, confused, wants the truth. Zach denies everything and pulls Scott aside to warn him to back off. Crystal shouts that he got her hooked on drugs before running to the microphone and declaring that the dating app was a front for sex trafficking run by Zach and paid for by Newman Enterprises! Gasps of horror ring out as Dina sneers, “Typical. More sleaze from the Newmans.” When Nikki tells her to shut the hell up, Dina pulls silverware from her purse and stabs her. As Nikki screams, “Oh my God, somebody help!” Zach pulls Abby into the elevator and Scott calls, “Abby!”

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Sharon tells Paul, “Crystal took off before anyone had a chance to stop her.” Paul replies, “Sure she did.”

In a car, Zach says to Abby, “You do realize, you’re in this up to your neck.”

Ashley tells Jack, “Zach disappeared with Abby, and mother disappeared.” Jack declares, “This is a nightmare!”

Dina wanders in a dark parking lot.

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