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At the courthouse, Lily just wants to get the divorce hearing over with. She and Michael wonder why Cane isn’t there yet. Neil and Devon arrive to offer support. Lily remarks that Cane may be trying to stall the divorce.

In the police station, Cane pleads with Paul to release him faster and mutters that he used to have people who had his back in these situations. Juliet arrives and says he still does. In his office, Paul reams someone out on the phone – they’ve jeopardized the sex trafficking case and the girl could be in danger. Jordan arrives to report a burglary. He informs Paul someone entered his suite at the Club and trashed the place – he feels it may have been an inside job since they claim there’s no surveillance footage. Elsewhere, Cane’s finally released and tells Juliet he owes her as he rushes off.

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Someone arrives at Crimson Lights, which is closed. After, Mariah and Sharon arrive outside. Mariah gets called to work, and Sharon notices the door ajar. She investigates and finds Crystal hiding in the back. The girl asks her not to call Paul and claims she may have seen Alice, and a car that could have been the boss’, watching the safe house – she doesn’t trust the police to protect her.

In the Club, Tessa reassures Noah that he will get past the Underground fire. Nick arrives and embraces his son.Noah-Nick-never-rebuild-YR-CBS Noah wants to know when the rebuilding starts. Nick replies, “Honestly? Never.” Noah makes his case, but Nick maintains he’s done with the place. Tessa gets a text and leaves. Noah offers to oversee reconstruction, but Nick reiterates his position. Noah protests, “You can’t do this to me!” Nick apologizes, but his heart’s not in it anymore. Noah argues they can’t abandon the other locations, but Nick warns Victor won’t let up on him. He encourages Noah to move forward without him and keep his dream alive.

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Cane enters the courtroom apologizing for being late. Neil and Devon are unimpressed and Lily just wants to get on with it. Before proceedings can begin, Charlie busts in and pleads to save the marriage. Cane urges Lily to fight as well. Neil and Devon intervene to stop the guilt-tripping on Lily, who sighs before suggesting to Michael that they postpone. Just then, Juliet enters. Lily is irritated by her presence and rants that after today, she is Cane’s problem. Cane chastises Juliet coming in and ruining things. Juliet reminds him she bailed him out of jail. Lily’s stunned. Juliet apologizes and exits. Outside, Charlie joins Juliet and assures her the divorce isn’t her fault; his father lied and was out of line. Juliet says he’s a good kid, then gets pains. Inside, Cane explains to Lily why he landed in jail and asks for another chance. The hearing gets underway. Outside the door, Juliet collapses and Charlie realizes she’s bleeding. Before the judge can conclude the divorce hearing, Charlie interrupts. “I need help! It’s Juliet!” Cane sees the blood on Charlie’s hand and races out the door.

Tessa joins Sharon and Crystal at the coffee house. They show Crystal a photo of Zach and she identifies him as the boss.Paul-Sharon-dangerous-YR-CBS Tessa and Crystal discuss Zach, and the younger sister reveals that she only dealt with Alice in the beginning. Sharon wants to let the police know Crystal can identify Zach, but the girl panics and is determined to stay hidden, especially when she hears Natalia’s fate. Paul knocks and Tessa and Crystal hide. They listen as Paul informs Sharon that Crystal went missing and stresses they have to work together to bring the sex ring down. He leaves after warning how dangerous Zach may be. Sharon returns to the girls and wonders when this nightmare will be over, and when will Crystal truly be safe.

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Mariah arrives at GC Buzz, where Hilary is ready to go live with a time-sensitive story about dating someone with a secret.Hilary-Mariah-touch-nerve-YR-CBS Mariah’s retort causes Hilary to wonder if she’s touched a nerve. Once on the air, Hilary and Mariah spar briefly about Devon, before Hilary reveals she dated Jordan Wilde for months and he was keeping a deep secret. She discloses his aliases and wonders if Jordan Wilde is even his real name. Mariah admits even she’s shocked by this, and Hilary invites viewers to write in with information on Wilde’s aliases.

At the Club, Jordan watches The Hilary Hour with a dark expression. On his way out, he passes Paul and tells him the burglary report was a misunderstanding. Nearby, Nick assures Noah he has his support, but Noah worries he’s pushing him away as he has the rest of the family. Nick promises that’s not what he wants.

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Jack gapes as Dina says to Nikki, “Now that you’ve lost Victor, any rich young man would be happy to have a free lap dance.”

In the hospital, Cane asks, “What happened?” Lily replies, “They rushed her into surgery.”

In Juliet’s surgery, the doctor says, “She’s losing too much blood. Either we get this baby out now or we lose them both.”

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