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At the Club, Neil and Devon talk business. Neil wishes he felt passionate about something as Devon does with music. Neil-Devon-PR-firm-YR-CBSAt the bar, Jordan reiterates to Hilary that he has copies of her photos and will release them if she messes with him. Jordan leaves, and Hilary exchanges a long look with Devon. When Neil recaptures his son’s attention, he reveals he’s excited about the new PR firm they acquired, which needs a CEO. Devon suggests Neil do it. Chelsea and Phyllis stop by the table. Chelsea joins them and learns of Neil’s plans to run Power Communications. She’s concerned Neil may not be hip enough for the edgy firm. Devon agrees he needs a new look. Neil is eventually persuaded to submit to a style makeover. At the bar, Hilary enlists Phyllis to distract Jordan so she can search his room for her photos. Later, Phyllis calls Jordan down to retrieve his forgotten cellphone, and invites him to have a drink. Meanwhile, Hilary sneaks into his suite. She searches through his things as Phyllis flirts and stalls as per her friend’s text message. When he asks her up to his room, Phyllis suggests her apartment instead. Jordan calls, “Check please!”

In the Ashby house, Mattie is snappy toward Lily. Charlie notes his sister is bummed because the divorce hearing is tomorrow. Lily tries to discuss the impact on their lives, but Mattie walks out of the room. Lily explains to Charlie that she can’t forgive Cane, though she still loves him. Charlie thinks it’s a waste.

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Billy arrives at the Chancellor mansion and startles Juliet. He says he’s moving in and asks why she’s there. Juliet informs him she’s living there. Billy-drink-from-Cane-YR-CBSBilly wonders if Jill knows, and Juliet offers to leave. Billy assures her it will be fine as Cane appears. Juliet worries about the stress of the situation as the guys pour drinks. Cane and Billy promise to make it work and Juliet heads upstairs. Billy snarks about Cane’s situation, but Ashby won’t fight with him because he saved his kids. As they drink, Cane and Billy commiserate about their circumstances. Talk turns to their love lives. Cane assures Billy that Phyllis loves him, and Billy says Lily still loves him too. A tipsy Billy decides to call them cabs, as an inebriated Cane helps him stay up on his crutches.

At Jabot, Gloria tells Jack that the phones are ringing off the hook since someone jacked up their wholesale prices. Jack is mystified until Dina appears exclaiming that her son will be very proud of what she’s done. Gloria-eavesdrop-Jack-Dina-YR-CBSAs Dina’s being confronted about the price hike by Jack, Gloria eavesdrops. Dina rants at Jack that he’s supposed to be making profits not running a charity and snarls, “What’s wrong with you?” As Dina lays into Jack, and says his father would be ashamed of how he’s running his company, Gloria, furious, bursts into the room to defend him. Dina calls Glo a ‘floozy’, and Glo counters that at least she’s loyal to the men she sleeps with. After, Jack corrects the price change situation and orders an irritated Dina to go home. Gloria checks in on Jack, who frets about his mother and reflects that loving someone always comes with hurt.

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Lily joins Neil and Devon at the Club bar to talk about the impending divorce. She’s not sure ending her marriage will make her happy. They comfort her. Up in Jordan’s suite, Hilary is about to give up when she checks the fireplace and finds a box. She smiles after looking inside.

Phyllis pours drinks at her place, but Jordan’s in a hurry to get amorous. As he pulls Phyllis into an intimate slow dance, there’s a clamor at the door – it’s Billy, who hollers to be let in. Soon, the neighbors complain so Phyllis lets him in. Billy confronts Jordan for making moves on his woman and falls off his crutches while swinging at him. Jordan exits as the police arrive. Billy holds up his hands. “Fine! I’m drunk. But I love her.” Later, Phyllis thinks about Billy.

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Lily arrives at home and turns in surprise when she hears Cane slurring outside the door that he’s sorry. He pleads drunkenly that she’s his sexy baby and he doesn’t want a divorce as a siren whoops behind him. After, Lily looks at a framed photo of them together.

In the Abbott house, Dina sits expressionless on the sofa.

Billy stews in a jail cell, and Cane soon joins him.

At the Club, Hilary sorts through Jordan’s fake IDs and other items from the hidden box. At the bar, Jordan looks at a photo of him and Lily on his phone.

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Lily and Michael wonder why Cane hasn’t arrived at the divorce hearing.

Jordan tells Paul he needs to report a burglary.

Hilary says to someone by phone, “We are doing a live show. I need you in the studio pronto!”

Noah asks, “Rebuilding…when do we start?” Nick replies, “Never.”

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