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When no one else arrives to pick Billy up from the hospital, Jack is there. He’s dubious when Billy says he wants to go to Phyllis’ place and quips she must have forgotten what a hero he is.

Victor-amused-Victoria-YR-CBSAt Newman Enterprises, Abby runs into Victoria, who’s ‘visiting’ their dad. They spar verbally as Abby reminds her sister how she spoke out against her incubator project. Victor appears, and sends Abby to do a conference call. In Victor’s office, he and Victoria discuss their new arrangement. Victoria wants to work with him as an equal, and expects a meaningful title – Chief Operating Officer – as his right hand. Victor agrees to her terms and welcomes her back. Victoria will decide when they’ll go public. Vic is amused by Vikki’s power play and cheerfully goes along.

At the Club, Hilary warns Jordan she will hit back and he won’t see it coming.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon and Scott complain to Paul about the lack of progress in Scott’s case as Zach lurks on the patio. Paul feels Zach just doesn’t fit the profile but vows to follow up on the connection to massage parlors in Chicago before leaving. Noah and Tessa enter.Sharon-Tessa-talk-Crystal-YR-CBS Sharon comforts Noah about the fire, which he says was a total loss. Sharon takes Tessa aside to update her on their conversation with Paul. They debate whether Crystal could be key to solving the case. Sharon’s about to phone Paul, when Mariah arrives. Awkwardness ensues as Noah suggests they all grab a table and he goes on about his hope they’ll rebuild the bar. Noah comes to the realization that he’s monopolizing the girls and tells Mariah he knows she needs Tessa time too. Later, Paul arrives and he and Sharon agree to try the Crystal idea. Sharon seeks his assurance that they will nail Zach.

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Jack and Billy arrive at Phyllis’ door. Jack chortles that he’s there as a witness so she’ll be less likely to kill Billy. Phyllis informs Billy he’ll need a time machine to go back and not betray her. Billy apologizes again, but she’s not feeling sincerity and puts him out. Jack asks, “Where to now, Sport?”

At GC Buzz, Hilary reveals to Chelsea that she’s working on a story about Jordan. She remarks that he’s a user and she plans to expose his lowdown dirty tricks; she’ll be digging deep. Chelsea won’t discuss her past with Jordan, but Hil suggests she reconsider giving her side otherwise, she’ll be reporting the facts, warts and all. Chelsea asks if that’s a threat, and asks Hilary to leave her out of it; her past must remain in the past.

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Zach-Abby-move-in-YR-CBSZach meets Abby at the Club, where she reveals she doesn’t trust her sister, who is behind closed doors with their father. Zach says paranoia doesn’t suit her, and reassures her. They kiss as she wonders what she’d do without him. When she talks about being up all night figuring out what Victoria’s up to, and they joke about Zach needing to up his cellphone minutes, Abby decides they should just live together. Zach reacts as though it’s a joke, but then agrees. Nearby, Chelsea meets Jordan and warns him that Hilary’s going for him directly, and she doesn’t want to get caught in the crosshairs. “Shut this down!”

In ruins of The Underground, Nick flashes through memories of the place. Phyllis appears and he muses that it’s the second hit this place has taken; maybe it’s fate’s way of telling him to move on. When Chelsea arrives, Phyllis leaves them to it. Nick worries to his girlfriend that he might be responsible for starting the fire. She clucks not to talk like that. Nick wonders about walking away from all this. Chelsea supports him whatever he decides.

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Jack brings Billy to the Abbott house, where they rehash their new understanding. Jack suggests Billy may be better off without Phyllis. After, Victoria arrives to check on the ‘father of her children’. She wonders if Jack will hire him at Jabot, but Jack hollers there’s a limit to his generosity. Victoria updates Billy that she found a solution for Brash & Sassy, but won’t be confiding in him anymore. Later, Billy tells Jack that he won’t give up on Phyllis – she’s the only one that’s really gotten him. Jack thinks it’s too soon, but nods as Billy talks about making things right.

Jordan arrives at GC Buzz and orders Hilary to stay out of his past. He threatens to make her X-rated photos public if she pushes him – he has copies and will expose her; all of her.

Victoria returns to Newman Enterprises with paperwork for Victor to cement their agreement.

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