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Scott-call-Victor-motel-YR-CBSIn the motel room, Scott jumps from the bloody bed and strips off his shirt in a panic. He spots the ‘Do not disturb’ sign and hangs it outside before leaving a voicemail for Victor seeking his help. Over time he leaves more messages for Vic to call back. His phone rings – it’s Sharon. Scott can’t answer. He keeps trying Victor.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon leaves Scott a message to call her. Abby shows up to get takeout breakfast to bring to the hospital, and asks Sharon to inform Scott he’ll be needed at Newman today.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack tells Ashley the jet’s ready for takeoff to Florida. Ash worries about what Jack might be walking into while trying to get to Dina, and vows he’s not going alone. Jack notes Graham’s desperate and it could get ugly, but Ash is undeterred.

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Victoria’s wheeled into the hospital on a gurney and Billy’s asked to wait outside the room. Victor, Nick, and Nikki appear, and want to know what happened and if she’s okay. In the waiting area, Victor intervenes between Billy and the doctor, advising her to report to him. Billy mentions that Victoria had a car accident and was diagnosed with a concussion after falling months ago. Victor remarks on how distant they’ve become. After, Victor finally takes a call from Scott, who, immensely relieved, describes his dire circumstances. Victor steps outside as Scott pleads with him to make this go away. Victor’s reluctant, but says, “Leave it to me.” Victor disconnects, then dials again. “Listen. I hate to make this call…” When he rejoins the others, Abby’s arrived, and has realized Victoria could be in there because of the incident between them. Bickering ensues until Abby calls for calm. Victoria-hospital-bed-YR-CBSReed arrives and cries looking at his mom, while Abby updates Nick on Dina’s kidnapping. She’s disheartened to hear Nick say Victor’s not his dad anymore. Once Victoria’s awake, everyone files in and pleads with her to be up front about her medical issues. She’s concerned about Brash & Sassy, but told to relax. The doctor reappears and reveals Victoria’s been exposed to toxic poisoning that’s built up over time. Vikki realizes their face masks are toxic – she’s been testing them for months. Nick wonders why they put a chemical like that in their product, but Billy claims it must have been tweaked after they signed off on it. Victoria becomes frantic over the business catastrophe. “How the hell is Brash & Sassy going to survive this? How?”

Paul arrives at the motel room with two officers, kicks the door in, and puts Scott on the floor at gunpoint. Paul’s skeptical regarding Scott’s innocent since he didn’t report this himself last night. Scott protests that whoever called it in was likely the person who set him up. Paul intones, “Victor Newman called it in.”

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At the station, Scott pleads with Paul to understand that he is not a murderer. Paul warns they have to proceed with caution so it doesn’t seem he’s getting special treatment. He asks what Scott remembers, and he tells him about meeting with Zach. Paul will follow up and Scott’s not going anywhere.

Outside his car, Zach calls Leon to pack up all the girls and leave town. He enters his vehicle and Paul appears to question him. Zach claims he put Scott into a taxi and he was bent on finding a blonde girl who had run out of The Underground earlier. Paul produces a photo of Natalia, and Zach confirms that was her. Once alone, Zach leaves Abby a voicemail saying he can’t be the reliable guy she deserves. “Goodbye, Abby. I’ll never forget you.”

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Scott-jail-cell-YR-CBSPaul returns to the station to grill Scott about ‘flipping out’ when he saw Natalia in The Underground. Scott isn’t keen on Paul’s version of help and thinks he needs a lawyer. Sharon arrives and gapes at the blood on Scott’s shirt. Paul separates her from Scott and won’t tell her what’s going on. After, Scott’s frustrated that he couldn’t tell Sharon he’s being framed and has to be held in a cell.

In their car in Florida, Ashley questions Jack as to whether he’s planning to grab Dina and run. Jack hopes Ashley can get past what their mother did, and Ash agrees; she has to. They arrive at a swanky hotel, hear laughter, and spot Dina downing martinis with two posh ladies (played by Kate Linder’s mom, Molly Wolbeck and Tracey Bregman’s mother, Suzanne Lloyd).

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Michael warns Scott not to expect any ‘get out of jail free’ cards because they’re old friends.

Billy tells Victor he’s been doing damage control all day. Victor asks Billy, “Who the hell poisoned those face masks?”

Dina angrily says to Graham, “You know how much I despise him!” Jack reaches out, “Mother, you don’t mean that…” Dina slaps his hand away. “Don’t you touch me!”

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