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Victoria arrives at work feeling under the weather from her accident. She gets on the phone to make arrangements for The Hilary Hour appearance. As she’s trying to cover up her facial bruising, Chelsea appears and suggests she postpone. Vikki refuses, so Chelsea offers to help out for the day. Up at Jabot, Paul queries Jack and Ashley as to where Graham may have taken Dina. Jack is more concerned about how far he’d go to cover up her death. Paul cautions against jumping to conclusions and takes off. Ashley feels badly since she never wanted to see her mother again. Jack reassures her, then gets a call that a package arrived for Dina. It’s an album Jack was going to surprise her with. He kicks himself for not protecting her better. It’s Ash’s turn to make him feel better, before talk turns back to Dina’s public revelation. Jack thinks they’ll get through it.

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Billy-Phyllis-give-up-YR-CBSAt Phyllis’ apartment, she mutters about Billy’s numerous texts and slams around making coffee. Billy’s legs appear outside as he drops from above onto the balcony. Phyllis opens the patio door and Billy yelps that he risked life and limb – he’s not giving up now. They bicker as Billy won’t let her give up on them, and she rehashes his deceitful activities. He reminds her of the happy noises she made in the sauna and she snaps that she was faking it. Billy nearly has her convinced to salvage things when Victoria calls his cellphone. Angry, Phyllis drops it over her balcony.

Zach finds Scott working away at Crimson Lights and learns he’s made some headway on the sex trafficking storyline. Scott accepts an invitation to meet at The Underground for a beer later. Zach then phones someone about taking care of another problem.

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Zach-drug-Scott-YR-CBSAt The Underground, Zach and Scott chat about Abby over beers. They discuss the dating app before talk turns to Scott’s investigation. Scott spots Natalia and tells Zach she works for the sex ring as he runs after her. When he returns, Scott talks about the girls being trapped and how he’ll follow the money to find out who is in charge. Zach muses about Scott being ‘close’, then slips a drug into his beer when he uses the restroom. Later, Zach helps the impaired Scott out the door.

Phyllis arrives in Jack’s office as he is comforting an emotional Ashley. Ash goes, and Jack points out their mother is missing. Phyllis tells him Billy knows about the set up, and Victoria is going to go ballistic. She wants to go to the convention in Dallas. Jack explains Gloria’s supposed to go, so Phyllis can break the news that she’s not. She does the deed, then returns to watch The Hilary Hour with Jack.

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At GC Buzz, Victoria is trying to reach Billy, when he appears. Chelsea excuses them and Billy fills her in on Jack setting them up. Victoria-zone-out-YR-CBSHilary interrupts to enthuse about Brash & Sassy, then is dismayed when Lily shows up and taunts her about Jordan and having to share airtime. Victoria reminds Hilary she agreed to do things her way and the matter is settled. After, Vikki worries to Billy they can’t take this hit; they’ll have to shut down. He gives a pep talk as the girls go on the air. When Victoria seems unable to properly answer questions, Lily jumps in until Victoria recovers and promotes the face mask. Hilary and Lily snipe through the short break. When they resume, Vikki zones out again.

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At Jabot, Ashley asks Phyllis to excuse her and Jack. She has a record player and they play the album with Jack and Dina’s childhood song on it. Paul arrives. “It’s Dina. We found her.”

At GC Buzz, Victoria stands shakily and blearily pans around the studio. Suddenly, she collapses and Billy rushes to her side.

In her living room, Phyllis is packing for Dallas, pulls out Billy’s shirt, and cries in it.

In a darkened motel room, Scott awakens to find he is covered in blood, and in bed with the body of a dead prostitute.

Next on The Young and the Restless:

The Newmans arrive at the hospital to join Billy. Victor asks, “What did you do to my daughter?” Nick wonders, “Billy what happened?” and Nikki says, “Please tell me she’s okay!”

Jack says, “Graham is desperate. This could get ugly.” Ashley replies, “I don’t care what you say, you’re stuck with me.”

Paul and the cops burst into the motel room where Scott is with the dead prostitute. Paul hollers, “Freeze! Face down on the floor! Do it!”

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