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In the Club gym, Noah and Tessa canoodle. Suddenly, her song comes on. Devon appears and says the streaming service has been installed. Tessa embraces the guys excitedly and talks about feeling grateful. Noah suggests Devon bring Mariah for dinner at The Underground later to celebrate. In the dining room, Phyllis learns that Hilary got Victoria to agree to appear on her show. She compliments Hilary on kissing up to Victoria to achieve her goals. Phyllis enthuses that Victoria won’t even know Hilary’s using her, and swans off, leaving Hil looking puzzled. Nearby, Juliet breaks down in tears when Cane asks how she is doing. They establish that she’s blubbering and glowing due to hormones. Cane shares the news of his new position at Chancellor. Juliet throws herself onto him in a hug of congratulations, then apologizes – hormones again. Cane enthuses about being back in the thick of it. Juliet thinks Victoria will regret firing him. Cane lets her know Vikki gave her old job to Lily.

At work, Mariah sits alone deep in thought. Devon arrives and relays the invitation to celebrate Tessa’s new EP, but notices her lack of enthusiasm. Mariah puts on a happier face and agrees it sounds great.

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Billy-Victoria-strategy-YR-CBSAt Brash & Sassy, Lily overhears Victoria telling Billy she will use Hilary to help the company. Lily warns her to be cautious since Hilary will do anything to boost her ratings. Lily then questions the huge expenditure on the men’s line, and Victoria assures her they have a strategy. Billy thinks Lily may have a point. Once alone, Victoria wonders if guilt about Phyllis is getting to Billy. He just thinks they should take the plan slow. Victoria disagrees.

At the Abbott house, Jack and Michael bicker about how dangerous Graham may be and Jack demands a solution. Michael is working on revoking Graham’s power-of-attorney. Jack frets about Dina, who’s drugged and had a stroke. Michael is hopeful she’ll be back and meddling up a storm before Jack knows it. Phyllis arrives as Michael leaves. She informs Jack that Victoria is going on Hilary’s show to promote Brash & Sassy’s men’s line – they took his bait. Jack is distracted by his family problems, and invites Phyllis go into battle on his behalf. She gets a text that Billy wants to see her. Jack warns they must not see this coming. Later, Michael returns to check on Jack, whose PI has had no luck tracking Graham’s flight. He wonders where in the world his mother has gone.

Tessa-Mariah-why-glad-YR-CBSAt The Underground, Mariah and Devon arrive. Tessa tells Mariah, “I’m so glad you came.” Mariah asks pointedly, “Why?” The guys interrupt and they toast to ‘living the dream’. Later, Tessa assures Mariah that living with Noah is what she wants – no man has treated her this well. Mariah wonders if that’s why she has sometimes acted like she didn’t want to be with a man. “I’m confused. What’s going on with us, Tessa?” Tessa apologizes for sending mixed signals. They establish that Mariah is in pain, and that neither of them wants to hurt Noah. Tessa urges Mariah to be happy with Devon.

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In the Club gym, Lily and Hilary spar verbally about their jobs. Talk turns to Victoria agreeing to be on Hilary’s show. Lily-gym-YR-CBSLily suggests she keep her word and make Victoria look good. Hil wonders who she’d be answering to if she doesn’t. Lily warns Victoria is not someone she should piss off – just ask Cane. Hilary mentioons she’s dating Jordan again. Lily lets her know she is the rebound. In the dining room, Cane runs into a hostile Victoria who brings up his contact with Benjamin Hochman. When he counters that she had sex with Hochman, and obviously what she did wasn’t good enough, Vikki throws a glass of water on him. They argue heatedly until Juliet appears to defend Cane. Victoria snarks she feels sorry for the child who will have them as parents and stalks off. Juliet cringes in pain. Cane becomes protective and asks her to move in with him.

Billy-Phyllis-slow-dance-YR-CBSPhyllis, dressed in a sexy little black dress, meets a very happy Billy at Top of the Tower. They engage in innuendo about the risk of getting caught being a turn on. They slow dance, and Billy says he doesn’t want the games they play to go too far so as to risk losing what they have.

While driving, Victoria is left gasping after a sudden impact to the car.

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Paul says to Sharon and Scott, “I’m glad you’re both here, I have an update on Alice.”

Phyllis phones Jack and says, “The plans have changed. We don’t just need to move fast, we need to move now.”

When Juliet comes down the stairs in a bathrobe at the Chancellor estate, Lily looks at Cane and says, “You’re living together?”

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