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At the hospital, Jack rants about Graham being unstable in the wake of Dina’s disappearance. The doctor appears and the siblings learn that their mother was medically cleared to leave and released at Graham’s request. Jack hollers and Ashley suggests they head to the Club – their things are there.

In the Top of the Tower, Nick updates Victoria that he and Victor have declared a truce. Nick plans to focus on Chelsea, the kids, and the expansion. Vikki misses how tight their family used to be. She gets a text and says, “Oh no…”

At Brash & Sassy, Phyllis knows it’s been tough on Billy, living with divided loyalties, and assures him nothing he could say would change what they have. Billy seems about to come clean when Victoria calls about an emergency at the warehouse. Once he’s dealt with the crisis, Phyllis remarks that Victoria relies on him too much. Talk turns to company loyalty, before Billy opens up about his feelings about his estrangement from the Abbott family – he doesn’t regret choosing her. Phyllis is frustrated that this is what he wanted to be honest about. Billy wonders if she was expecting him to say something else. Phyllis thought there were issues regarding work. She tells him how much she loves him, but is teary-eyed when they embrace.

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At the Club, Hilary assures Neil she’s not airing the footage from Ashley’s awards party. They go over the Newman dirt she’s broadcast, and Neil mentions Victoria’s argument with Hochman. Neil-Hilary-favor-YR-CBSHilary admits she blew it with Victoria, which she can deal with on a professional level, but not personally. Neil sees she genuinely regrets it, but won’t help her make amends – she’ll have to do it herself. After, Neil meets with Victor, who asks about Ashley’s event, before talk turn to Nick’s donation to the foundation. Victor shrugs that it’s Nick’s business. Upstairs, the Abbott siblings find Dina’s suite has been cleaned out hurriedly as a ring was left behind. Ashley takes a call from Victor and rushes him off the phone as Jack and Traci deduce that Graham’s taken Dina to Paris. Downstairs, Victor updates Neil that Dina apparently suffered a stroke. The conversation turns to how painful it is not having a good relationship with your son. Vic complains this generation is ungrateful and entitled, and credits Neil for overcoming his demons. Neil predicts that Victor will be there for Nick when he needs him, but Vic doesn’t currently share those sentiments. Once alone, Neil phones Devon to spend quality time.

Hilary joins Victoria and Nick at the Top of the Tower, and offers Vikki an opportunity to set the record straight on her show. Nick vouches for Hilary, but Vikki’s still not interested. Nick urges his sister to hear Hilary out. The women hash it out. Victoria isn’t interested in a pitch, but Hilary offers an apology. She realizes how much it hurt Victoria that she aired the argument, and wants to start over. Victoria just cannot trust her. Hilary offers to sign a contract, and Victoria agrees to appear on her show.

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nick-phyllis-gym-YR-CBIn the Club gym, Nick runs into Phyllis, who snarks about him giving all his money away. Nick says he wants to raise financially independent children. Nick guesses she’s stewing over something Billy did. Phyllis sniffs that things are just a little intense right now with Brash & Sassy. Nick scoffs that she and his sister are too good for the guy. Phyllis remarks that Victoria can take care of herself, but Nick’s not so sure. They discuss Hilary’s offer to interview Victoria – he thinks Victoria should do it. Phyllis muses that it could be must-see TV.

Victor corners Billy at Brash & Sassy, and surprises him with the news of Dina’s stroke. Billy packs up to go see his sisters, but Vic advises him to stay out of their business. Billy tries to dismiss Victor, who chortles about him putting Victoria before his brother. Billy notes he’d always choose her over Jack. Victor wants his daughter back in his life and thinks Billy could persuade her. If he helps, he will be generously rewarded.

At the airport, the Abbott siblings call out to an unresponsive Dina, who only stares as Graham pushes her wheelchair across the tarmac to a waiting jet.

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