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At the Abbott house, a heavy silence hangs over Jack, Abby, Ashley, and Traci. Jack announces he took Dina back to her suite and she plans to remove Graham from her will. Ash addresses the elephant in the room – her paternity – she’s pretty sure Traci and Abby put two and two together when Dina blurted it out at the event. Abby asks, “How could Dina do that to you?” Ashley-sob-apologize-YR-CBSTraci is put out to learn that a few people knew, but she didn’t. Abby is upset that Ashley hid the fact that John Abbott wasn’t her grandfather. Ash makes her apologies. Jack says Hilary won’t air the footage, but Ash says they can’t contain this – too many people heard. She sobs that Dina promised to take this to her grave. They all assure her she’s an Abbott. Ash only wants to hear from Dina as to why they have to go through this. Jack feels Dina was in distress. Ash argues she needed the wake-up call about Graham. Jack insists they can go on with their lives as though he never existed, but Ashley becomes increasingly emotional until she exits to get some air. Abby thinks her mother is strong, but Jack and Traci warn Ash had a total breakdown when she initially learned the truth. Abby opines that she always felt caught between the Abbotts and Newmans, now she’s more concerned than ever. Once Abby is gone, Traci and Jack worry about Ashley spinning out. Jack fills Traci in on the Brent Davis history. Traci’s incensed at Dina re-opening the wounds. Jack wishes he knew how to help Ashley.

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In Dina’s suite, Graham leaves her unconscious on the floor, exits the room, and puts the ‘Do not disturb’ sign on the door. On his way down the stairs, he books a flight to Florida before calling his mother to say the sooner he arrives, the better it will be for all involved. In the dining room, Scott notices Sharon is distracted. She’s dreading telling the girls about Alice and wonders if they’ll ever get to the bottom of who’s behind this, when Zach enters. Sharon leaves, and Scott questions Zach on his relationship with Abby. Zach complains she gives mixed signals, then turns the conversation to Scott’s sex trafficking expose. He wonders if his leads dried up. Scott explains it’s complicated but he won’t drop it. He agrees to talk about the dating app to Zach, who wonders if Scott has a thing for Abby. Scott informs him he’s on his own.

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At GC Buzz, Tessa wants to continue the conversation with Mariah that was interrupted, but the redhead refuses. Tessa presses her, but Mariah shuts her down repeatedly. Tessa becomes increasingly frustrated with her behavior. Sharon arrives with the news about Alice’s accident and disappearance. Mariah-Sharon-safety-YR-CBSTessa worries that Alice talked and her boss could get to Crystal. Sharon reassures her. Mariah wonders if they are in any danger. Sharon insists they don’t know the top people as Alice did and urges them not to dwell on it. When Tessa and Mariah share an awkward goodbye, Sharon questions Mariah whether something’s going on with them due to the tone she used with her. Suddenly, Ashley appears. They wonder if she’s looking for Hilary. Ash flashes to Dina’s revelation and apologizes before drifting out again. Mariah returns to assuring Sharon that everything is fine with her and Tessa. Sharon thinks she’s concerned about matching Tessa and Noah’s pace with Devon, but Mariah becomes impatient with the conversation. When she uses the word ‘complicated’, Sharon looks concerned again.

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Tessa runs into Zach on the coffee house patio, and confides that Crystal is okay, thanks to a woman on the inside. Zach would love to meet her, but Tessa explains she vanished from the hospital. She hopes when the cops find the sex traffickers they all go to prison.

Abby returns to the Top of the Tower, where Scott is sipping a drink and brings up Zach. Abby isn’t in the mood for sparring and he offers to lend an ear. Abby muses that Scott’s a stickler for accuracy and mutters she should stop going around claiming to be an Abbott. Scott offers to cover for her at their conference and she tells him to stop being nice. Clearly she’s ‘off’ so he pulls her into a hug. They both get strange expressions on their faces.

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Ashley knocks on Dina’s suite door, but she’s still unconscious. She spots Graham and insists he use his key to open the door. He does and Ashley rushes over. “Oh my God! Mother!”

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