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At the Top of the Tower, Dina is rattled and confused. Graham attempts to speak for her and Jack informs him he can leave now. Graham, undeterred, has another go at Ashley, whom he doesn’t feel suffered as he did. Ashley hollers that his secret is out and confronts him about setting his sights on the vulnerable Dina. She claps loudly. “Let’s hear it for Graham!” Dina weakly pleads, “Just stop.” Graham wants Dina to leave with him, but Ash objects and orders him to go before she has security drag him out. Dina refuses to go with Graham, who is escorted out by Neil. Jack wants to continue the festivities. Abby asks, “Is that even possible?” Neil reappears and speaks about his pride, admiration, and respect for Ashley. Ashley-devastated-Dina-YR-CBSAfter a toast, the guests file out. Billy checks in with Ashley, and receives a gruff ‘goodnight’ from Jack as he leaves with Phyllis and Michael. Hilary assures Jack she won’t air the footage, but he’ll have to make it up to her. Traci and Abby think Dina’s in shock. Jack joins his mother, who is distraught at blurting out the secret and is certain Ashley hates her. Abby and Traci seek answers, but Ashley asks them to excuse them. She breaks down informing her mother it feels like a part of her died tonight. Dina cries, feeling the same way.

Tessa-reassure-mariah-gc-buzz-YR-CBSAt GC Buzz, Mariah takes a call from Tessa, who is looking to hang out, but she begs off due to work. Soon, Tessa shows up with wine and takeout. They dish about Nick’s interview, before talk turns to Tessa living with Noah. Tessa admits she had trouble settling in; she knows there are things between her and Mariah that aren’t being said. Hilary appears. Snarking ensues briefly until Devon and Neil enter. Mariah tells Tessa they’ll talk another time. Tessa shrugs, “Yeah. Catch ya later.” Hilary watches as Mariah forgets she has a trip to Chicago planned with Devon, then tells Devon and Neil to go eat without her. Once they’re gone, Hilary confronts Mariah about not really being that into Devon.

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In the penthouse, Nick recounts to Chelsea how Victor threw around threats as usual at Brash & Sassy. Chelsea assures him if it affects him, it affects her. Victoria arrives, immediately ranting that Nick doing what he did just to spite Dad is certifiable.Chelsea-support-Nick-YR-CBS Nick argues it was very sane; now Victor can no longer accuse him of riding his coattails. Chelsea backs him up. Victoria snarks, “That’s so cute – standing by your man.” She goes on about Victor helping her out with a line for Brash & Sassy. Nick warns her not to get too attached to it, and realizes her visit is because she doesn’t want anything he does to ruin things for her. Victoria’s head buzzes and she storms out since there’s no talking any sense into him. After, Nick recaps his reasons for giving away his money, and Chelsea’s supportive. He declares Victor can’t hurt him anymore.

At Phyllis and Billy’s place, Michael ruminates about the ‘creepy’ night. They discuss Dina’s revelation that this ‘Brent Davis’ was Ashley’s biological father. Billy maintains that nothing will change, and can’t believe this happened. Once Michael’s gone, Billy admits it feels odd knowing Ashley isn’t his biological sister. He’s upset that Jack knew and kept him out of the loop. Talk turns to keeping secrets. Billy decides some things are better left unsaid.

In Dina’s Club suite, she frets that she’s ruined Ashley’s life. Jack says they’ll deal with everyone, including Graham, tomorrow. Graham listens at the door as Jack insists she must quickly write him out of her will. Graham-change-mind-YR-CBSOnce Jack’s gone, Graham lets himself in. He wants to make Dina understand now that they’re alone. Dina assures him she understands perfectly – he wanted her money and revenge. Graham feels his mother is entitled and he hollers insults at Dina until she slaps him. When she goes to call Jean Marc in Paris, Graham snatches her phone. Dina collapses. Graham pulls out his phone to call for help, but stops. Downstairs at the bar, Victoria invites Ravi to join her. She learns there was ugly Abbott family drama at Ashley’s party. Victoria thinks Ashley is very lucky to have him; it makes her wonder what might have happened if she’d interviewed him first.

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At the Abbott house, Ash looks despondently at a photo of John. Jack arrives and they discuss the events of the night. Jack assures her Brent Davis is her father only biologically; she’s an Abbott. Ash is relieved to hear Dina will write Graham out of her will. She worries people will treat her differently. Traci and Abby appear to see Jack holding Ashley, who says, “Daddy died believing I was his daughter.”

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Sharon asks Mariah, “Is something going on between you and Tessa?”

Graham leaves Dina unconscious on the floor, exits the suite, and put the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on her door.

Ashley says, “There is only one person I want to hear from and that’s Dina. I want to hear from her why we all have to go through this.”

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