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In Jack’s office, Phyllis rants to him that Billy would never use her computer to access the Jabot server. “He wouldn’t do that!” They debate until Jack insists she has doubts and says, “You and I both know damn well that Billy would do it.” Phyllis-Billy-do-it-Jack-YR-CBSPhyllis, distraught, acknowledges she left Billy unattended with her laptop – he may have done this. Next, she decides Victoria must have put him up to it. Jack asks her not to let Billy know they’re onto him. She walks out. Down at Brash & Sassy, Victoria is being more cautious about acting on Jack’s memo, so Billy offers to get on Phyllis’ computer again and see what he can find out. Lily walks in. They assure her they didn’t hire her because of Neil, but on her own merits, and reveal their plan to dominate in men’s products. As Lily exits, Billy gets a text from Phyllis that says, ‘Work hard, play hard. See you at home, lover’.

At the Club, Cane greets Colin. They touch on the divorce and talk about Cane making a proposal for Chancellor. Colin mentions Jill’s at a retreat. Juliet appears as Cane’s told a tickled Colin his unborn child will be a boy. She’s called over, and Colin introduces himself as the soon-to-be-grandfather of the child she’s carrying. Juliet appreciates Colin’s expression of support, and acknowledges the difficult situation. Cane notes she’s stood by him. Colin embraces Juliet as family. After she goes, Colin remarks that he expected someone more calculating. They make plans to fly together to make Cane’s pitch to Jill. Later, Cane visits Juliet’s suite to thank her, and to let her know he’ll be out of town – he’ll be thinking about her and the baby; they’re important to him now. Once alone, Juliet gets a pain.

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At Sharon’s place, Mariah enthuses over Noah and Tessa moving in together. Noah heads out. Mariah-Tessa-be-happy-YR-CBSTessa explains that Noah wants him to trust her, and take things to the next level. Mariah worries she’s moving to get away from her. Tessa denies it, and tells Mariah she’s the most amazing person she knows. They want each other to be happy. Tessa packs and is leaving when Mariah blurts that she doesn’t want her to go. They joke and Tessa asks her not to get sappy. They hug. Tessa exits, and Mariah fights the urge to go after her, then cries.

Hilary spots Mattie on Crimson Lights’ patio and says she’s sorry about her parents’ divorce. When Mattie reveals she’s not allowed to talk to Reed, Hilary offers her phone to text him, and promises to keep it a secret. Before long, Reed arrives and thanks Hilary. Mattie and Reed embrace. Inside, Sharon updates Nick that Alice was in a targeted hit and run, and has now disappeared. She hopes Alice ran from the sex traffickers, but Nick isn’t as sympathetic and warns about tightening security at the ranch. Noah arrives and informs his parents that Tessa’s moving in with him. He asks Nick about his checking account. Nick lies that it was a bank error. Noah leaves, and Nick tells Sharon the truth. When Hilary enters, Nick calls her over to talk about something. On the patio, Victoria catches Mattie talking with Reed, who pleads that they ran into one another by chance. Vikki doesn’t want to make things worse for Mattie, but can’t ignore this.

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Billy meets Phyllis at home, where she brings up business and notes he wouldn’t trust her with details. He responds, “Would you trust me?” Talk turns to her run-in with Victoria. Phyllis complains she tried to shake her trust in what they have. Billy reassures her. Phyllis leaves her laptop open and announces she’s going to run a bath. She watches as Billy opens a beer and goes to the laptop. He enters Dina’s name and password and Phyllis calls him upstairs.

At Jabot, Jack and Hilary discuss her history with the Newmans, and the other side she saw of Victoria. Hilary agrees to do a piece on Ashley’s award, but warns she’ll cover it like all others – parking lots and everything.

Lily arrives at home, updates Charlie on her new position and asks about Mattie. The door opens and Mattie files in with Reed and Victoria, who announces she found the pair together and agrees with Mattie that it’s unfair they’re not allowed to see each other. Mattie gapes. “You do?” After, Lily and Victoria adjourn to the kitchen to discuss their pasts with Ryan and Daniel before rejoining the overjoyed kids to tell them they can see one another if they adhere to the rules. Lily will work it out with Cane.

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