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At Newman Enterprises, Abby enthuses about Ashley’s award news. Ash says she can bring Zach to the party. Once alone, Abby sighs, “We’ll see.”

In the Club, Zach tells someone by phone to save their excuses, and adds they’ll go dark until he’s dealt with this latest complication. At the bar, Victoria asks Phyllis to buy some of the kids’ raffle tickets and apologizes for monopolizing Billy’s time – she knows it’s caused tension between them. Phyllis sweetly mentions the ‘disappointment’ with Ben and suggests that Billy’s spending his time helping Victoria because he feels sorry for her. Victoria goes on about her connection to Billy – he really goes the extra mile to give her what she wants. Phyllis acknowledges that Vikki wants him back, but warns it won’t happen – she is the one he comes home to every night. Victoria snaps that it’s only a matter of time before he moves out, alludes to them having kissed, and vows she’ll get him back. In the dining room, Devon questions Mariah about his strange conversation with Kevin. Mariah assures him she and Kevin are firmly in the ‘friendzone’; he was likely being protective. Abby-Devon-gym-talk-YR-CBSShe accepts when Devon suggests an impromptu trip to Chicago. Nearby, Graham joins Ashley and they discuss her award. He thinks Dina will be proud, and her father would have been too. Ash snaps that he knows nothing about him. Graham wants to put their differences aside, and muses, “We may have more in common than you realize.” Graham warns he and Dina will one-day return to Paris. Ash hopes Graham will be returning alone. In the gym, Abby confides to Devon that Zach has a side that is a real turn-off. Devon isn’t too concerned, and talks up relationships like his and Mariah’s which start out as friends and colleagues, as opposed to his intense relationship with Hilary, that was love/hate and too passionate. Abby asks, “What if I like passion?” Devon advises to keep doing what she’s doing – Zach may surprise her.

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At Jabot, Billy seeks to establish that he and Jack can put aside their differences for Ashley’s party. Jack insists he can; he’s even backed off Victoria’s company. Billy is unconvinced. He leaves as Ravi arrives. Jack orders Ravi to reinstate security and change Dina’s password – Billy’s behavior indicates he found the memo. Jack also asks Ravi to help with Ashley’s award party. Later, Ashley arrives and mentions Graham being overly nice to her. Ravi reveals he’s helping with her special night. Ash asks him to be her date. He agrees. Phyllis-learns-Billy-hacked-YR-CBSIn Jack’s office, Phyllis fills him in on Victoria’s boldness at the Club. Phyllis doesn’t believe they’ve hooked up, but Jack blurts that Billy hasn’t been honest with her. At Brash & Sassy, Victoria is thinking about kissing Billy when he enters and reports that Lily accepted their job offer. Vikki comes clean about her run-in with Phyllis. He reminds her he is committed to Phyllis, but she argues he has willingly risked their relationship time and again. Billy insists she not engage with Phyllis – they can’t tip their hand now. Back up at Jabot, Jack is sick of hearing about Billy’s loyalty and reveals to Phyllis that he is the one who got into their server. He growls, “He used your computer to do it!”

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At Sharon’s place, Tessa reassures Crystal by phone. Noah arrives and Tessa throws herself into his arms. Noah feels shut out regarding Tessa’s crisis. Tessa reveals that Mariah really stepped up and pretended to be Cassie to rattle Alice. Noah complains about her not trusting him as she does Mariah, because he comes from a different world. Tessa is surprised when he asks her to move in with him, but quickly accepts. Mariah enters as they kiss. Noah announces they’re moving in together. Mariah chokes out, “That’s good news!’

At Crimson Lights, Scott lauds Sharon for hanging in there and helping Crystal reunite with Tessa. As Paul enters, Sharon hopes that everything they did will lead to the arrest of the man in charge. Paul reports that everyone from the sex ring was gone when the police got to Alice’s house, and adds that Alice is in Memorial Hospital in critical condition after a targeted hit and run. Sharon feels responsible, though Paul and Scott reassure her. Sharon laments that Alice is a lost soul who thought she was helping the girls. Paul says he’ll post a guard at Alice’s door, and they continue to discuss the case. After, Sharon and Scott head to the hospital.

At the hospital, Sharon and Scott find Alice’s room empty. Zach watches them.

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Sharon tells Nick that Alice has been in an accident. He asks, “How is she?” Sharon replies, “She’s gone.”

Cane looks on as Colin introduces himself to Juliet as the soon-to-be-grandfather of the child she’s carrying.

Mariah says to Tessa, “Wait! I don’t want you to go.”

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