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At Jabot, Ashley and Jack recall when John received the Innovator of the Year Award. Jack chokes up as he relays that Ashley is getting one of her own.Jack-Ashley-party-YR-CBS Ash humbly feels she doesn’t deserve it, but Jack assures her she does. He is planning a party to celebrate, and Ash insists he include Billy. Jack suggests she go downstairs, invite him, and sniff around. Ash agrees. Down at Brash & Sassy, Billy and Victoria are frustrated trying to find someone qualified to fill the executive position – it’s like Jack’s hired them all. Victoria hates to say it, but Cane was good at his job. Billy nips that talk in the bud.

Neil-Lily-support-YR-CBSAt Lily’s place, Neil is supportive as she shares the news of her impending divorce. He wants what’s best for Charlie and Mattie, and doesn’t have much sympathy for Cane. Lily says she plans to keep busy with work to get through this, and mentions her recent photo shoots with Jordan. Neil notes he’s been a good friend. Lily agrees; he’s been someone she can count on…a lot.

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At the Club gym, Hilary is furious that Cane isn’t fighting back with regard to the divorce. Cane isn’t up for hearing her ideas as he knows she only cares about keeping Jordan away from Lily. In Graham’s suite, he listens to Myrna complain over the phone about Brent leaving them behind to go off with Dina. Graham reflects on Ashley’s anger toward Dina – it must have hurt to find out John Abbott wasn’t her father. Myrna snaps at him not to get soft when they’re so close to paying ‘that bitch’ Dina back – he must get her kids to turn against her! Dina arrives as he disconnects. She’s headed to Jabot to try and repair her relationship with her family. Downstairs, Juliet runs into Charlie, who blames her for his parents getting a divorce. Juliet says he can hate her, but asks him not to hate her child. Still in the gym, Hilary warns Cane that Lily will end up with Jordan. He denies it, but looks concerned. Afterward, Hilary runs into Jordan, and they discuss Lily’s divorce. Hilary mocks him for waiting around and flashes him a peek at what he’s missing under her towel. Up at Juliet’s suite, Cane learns she heard about the divorce from Charlie. Cane confirms Lily made her decision; they both know why. He accepts a beer and urges Juliet not to be concerned with his lost marriage. She mentions Hilary telling her to go back to Tokyo. Cane discourages her from listening to Hilary. “Just stay.” They clasp hands.

Neil arrives at Brash & Sassy with news of Lily and Cane’s divorce. He and Victoria go into the office when Ashley appears. Ash shares her award news with Billy, and invites him to the party. Ashley-Billy-party-invite-YR-CBSBilly would be honored to attend, and alludes to how busy they’re going to be around there. In the office, Neil confides to Vikki that Lily’s worried about the future – could she give her more work? Victoria has a thought and calls Billy in. Up at Jabot, Dina informs Jack that she wants to heal things with him and Ashley. She complains that Ashley’s confused about Graham, who actually didn’t lie. Jack fills her in on Ashley’s award and realizes she never knew that John won the same one. Later, Billy has Lily in the Brash & Sassy office and offers her the full-time executive position left vacant by Cane. Lily is appreciative and accepts. They hug. Up at Jabot, Ashley reports to Jack that it appears Billy took his bait. Jack feels that his brother will take Victoria down for them and rants about his penchant to take a gamble. Ash questions Victoria going along with it.

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Dina returns to the Club and informs Graham that her talk with Jack went well. He encourages her to open up to him about her issues with her children, and asks if the affair that produced Ashley ended her marriage to John. Dina says that remained a secret and will stay that way – she walked away to keep it under wraps. Victoria-buzzing-head-Hilary-YR-CBSBy the door, Hilary apologizes to Victoria, who isn’t interested – she saw her having lunch with Jack and believes Hilary’s made it her mission to take her down. Vikki wonders if she should return the favor. Her head buzzes as they spar, and Jordan appears as Vikki hollers at Hilary to stop! Hil and Jordan are stunned by the outburst. Vikki’s sure Hilary regrets not having a camera on her, and warns Jordan to be careful or Hilary will air trash about him. She stalks over to the bar and holds her head.

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