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Dina storms into Jabot and demands her laptop from Jack. She assures him Graham’s not plotting anything, but Jack thinks she’s a fool for believing that. They debate about his relationship with Nikki, then continue arguing about Graham’s trustworthiness. Gloria-Kevin-live-closer-YR-CBSIn the hallway, Gloria visits with Kevin and fishes to find out if he’s met someone. He asks about her love life. Glo grouses that Jack dumped her for Nikki, and Graham’s only offering friendship – she might get a cat. Kevin gives her a pep talk, and she wishes he and Bella lived closer. They embrace.

Abby receives accolades from Victor at Newman Enterprises, but as she’s leaving, stops and returns to his office. She confides in her father about Zach’s upsetting behavior – it’s like he’s hiding something from her. Vic opines that she’s smart to be cautious. Abby asks about Nikki, and suggests if they’re not reconciling, it may be time for him to move on.

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At the Club, a panicky Nick is on the phone thanking someone for looking into his banking mistake. He and Nikki compare notes on Victor butting into their business. Nikki complains about Dina. Nick takes a call – the bank has no idea how his account was emptied. He updates Nikki. After she’s gone, Nick spots Kevin enter. He apologizes for showing up at Chloe’s funeral, but Kevin gets snarly about him driving Chloe to commit suicide. Nick heads to the gym, where he encounters Victor, who makes a crack about the ‘cost’ of his behavior, and warns that he ‘stands to lose everything’. Later on, Victor meets with Kevin in the dining room. They agree it was good working together. Kevin goes, and Victor joins Gloria at the bar. She mentions Jack and Nikki, and Victor suggests she should work for someone else. Glo wonders if he’s trying to employ her. Nearby, Nick tells the bank manager he figured out who hacked his account as he watches his father toast with Gloria.

In the car with Sharon, Alice’s head is still spinning. Sharon’s taken aback that she’s concerned about explaining things to her boss, and talk turns to Cassie and Mariah. Sharon feels lucky she got a second chance…she wants Alice to get another chance too; she’s giving her a head start before calling the cops. Alice moans about her girls. Sharon snaps that this is a wake-up call – her girls are victims. Does she really want to continue down this path?

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Mariah and Tessa arrive at home with Crystal, who informs her sister that they need to leave town immediately. Sharon arrives after, followed by Paul. Mariah’s concerned as Crystal spots Paul. He introduces himself and asks Crystal who’s in charge of the sex ring. Sharon reveals that none other than Alice Johnson looked after the girls. Paul tells Crystal she can trust him, but he’ll have put her in witness protection. Once it’s settled, Paul hugs Sharon, who is reminded of Dylan. Paul leaves with Crystal after she and Tessa share an emotional goodbye.

At Alice’s house, Leon is on the phone with Zach, who tells him he has a contingency plan in place. They agree to meet at an undisclosed location. Later, Alice is there packing when she gets a call from Zach. She stammers on about her kidnapping. Zach reports that he’s moved the girls to a new location and reveals he can see Alice packing through a camera on the bookcase. Alice wants a few days off. Zach directs her to an envelope they left for her outside. Later, the police kick in the door with guns drawn.

In her parked car, Alice opens the envelope from Zach, which contains stacks of cash. Suddenly, Leon hops in the passenger side. Alice opens the driver’s side door and jumps out…into the path of an oncoming car. Cash flies everywhere as she’s run down.

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Nikki arrives in Jack’s office, and thanks Dina for the lovely photos – she may use them for her Christmas cards. Jack-Nikki-mojo-YR-CBSDina sniffs about Nikki cheating on Victor. Nikki promises to deal with anyone who tries to control or interfere in, her life. Jack backs her up. Once alone, Nikki and Jack lament how sad Dina’s choices turned out to be. Jack vows to protect Nikki from whatever hellfire Victor rains down on her. Nikki doesn’t need his protection. Jack grins that she’s gotten her mojo back – the strong, confident Nikki he loves. She begs him not to say that. Jack warns they both must be prepared for Victor. Nikki wishes he’d just move on.

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Dina asks Graham if his mother’s alive.

Billy offers to take Phyllis’ laptop for her at the Club.

Ravi reports to Jack and Ashley that Dina’s password was used to access the Jabot server. Jack exclaims, “Billy Abbott strikes again!”

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