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Abby and Scott bicker at Newman until Paul appears. He speaks to Scott alone about the sex ring case. Paul got nowhere with the music promoter’s credit card and they agree to continue sharing information. Meanwhile, Abby takes a flirty call from Zach in the corridor and after Paul leaves, asks Scott why the Chief of Police visited him. Scott says he was trying to get information for the sex trafficking story, but came up empty. Abby compliments his commitment.

Outside in Genoa City, Zach disconnects from Abby and takes a call from Alice. He demands she keep Crystal away until he decides otherwise. Natalia gets on the line and asks for a bonus for being his #1 girl. Zach refuses and asks if she wants to end up like Crystal.

Zach arrives at Newman as Abby and Scott are still discussing his story. Scott takes off and Abby chews about his attitude. Abby reveals he’s working on an expose on sex trafficking.

At Alice’s house, she reassures Natalia that Crystal is safe. Natalia looks at Alice’s cellphone when she leaves the room.

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Tessa-family-Mariah-YR-CBSIn the recording studio, Mariah tells Tessa how close she feels to her. Tessa understands; she considers Mariah like family. Mariah backs off from expressing her real feelings and says she supports Tessa 100%. Devon reappears. He thinks Mariah seems off and asks her to stay. Tessa records another song, and Mariah and Devon enthuse. Tessa gets a text, and asks Devon for some girl time with Mariah. She shows her a text that says ‘Crystal’s safe. Alice visit her soon.’ Tessa says, “It’s got to be from Natalia.”

In Graham’s suite, Dina is disgruntled about not being allowed at Jabot, and reveals to Graham that Ravi has her computer. Graham offers to go retrieve it, but Dina can’t understand why he’d want to walk into that lion’s den. Graham wants to set them straight, and complains that he’s most disappointed in Ashley. He brings up her paternity again, which agitates Dina, who snaps that her ‘real’ father is John Abbott and always will be. Graham-stay-focused-YR-CBSOnce alone, Graham calls his mother, who talks about Brent dallying with the women at the Athletic Club back in the day, and Dina being a tramp. Graham reveals he’s learned that Ashley is not John Abbott’s biological daughter. Myrna orders him to keep focused; Dina destroyed their family and needs to pay.

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At Brash & Sassy, Victoria and Billy cover with Phyllis, who mentions their jump in sales at Fenmore’s. Billy feels the customers want Brash & Sassy not Jabot, and Jack will just have to live with it. They fish for information about their respective companies before exiting together.Billy-cover-up-YR-CBS Up at Jabot, Ravi explains to Ashley why he doesn’t believe Phyllis is behind the breach. Jack backs him up – he thinks it was Billy, who somehow got Dina’s password and then took advantage of Phyllis. Ravi presumes he’ll want a new firewall put in, but Jack puzzles him and Ash by musing, “If they want access to Jabot’s secrets, let’s give it to them.” Ash is dubious, but Jack explains he’ll provide decoy information to lead them astray. Ash thinks it will blow up in their faces – she’s disappointed in both Jack and Billy. Jack counters that at least she now knows where his loyalties lie. Ashley and Ravi head to his office, where she paces and agonizes about what Billy’s done. Ravi reveals he has information on Graham’s mother. Ash realizes that Bloodworth is her maiden name and Graham chose to use it. Ashley-react-to-Jack-YR-CBSThe more answers they get, it only leads to more questions. She hopes they’ll come up with something to convince Dina that Graham is not the man she believes him to be. Down the hall, Phyllis finds Jack, and doesn’t believe his claim that the breach turned out to be a false alarm. Downstairs in Brash & Sassy, Victoria informs Billy she’s convinced Phyllis is working with Jack against them. They debate at length. Victoria insists she is trying to bring them down and asks him to be objective. Billy thinks she’s out of line – they need to focus on Jack. Up at Jabot, Graham runs into Ashley. He wants Dina’s laptop, and for her to admit she was wrong about him. Ash refuses him on both counts and walks away. In Jack’s office, convinces Phyllis that there was no cyberattack and urges her to take it off her mind. They agree if someone had tried to harm the company it would be unforgiveable.

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