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Ashley enters Ravi’s office as he’s working on the breach and the two women bicker. Phyllis reminds her they’re on the same side, but goes. Ravi updates Ashley that he’s discovered whose password unlocked the gate. “Your mother’s.” In Jack’s office, he hollers at Dina for sending Victor the photos of him and Nikki canoodling. She takes responsibility, but barks back that he is the one to blame for this tawdry mess. They argue heatedly. Dina-kicked-out-office-YR-CBSWhen Dina refers to Nikki as ‘the stripper’, Jack reminds her she’s in no position to judge Nikki or her character. Dina worries about a battle between him and Victor. Jack snarks that it’s nice to know she’s on Victor’s side and orders her out. Down in Brash & Sassy, Billy tries to get rid of Victor, but Victoria asks her dad to wait. She reveals that Jabot is planning a sneak attack by revamping their old youth line and targeting their main demographic. Victor reveals he has the rights to some game-changing, ‘fountain of youth’ products and will sign them over to her. He urges them to stomp on Jack. Victoria thinks he’s doing this because of Jack and Nikki, but he denies it. The Mustache offers to draw up the papers. Victoria hugs him and accepts. Up at Jabot, Jack updates Ashley on his blow-out with Dina. Ash feels their mother was wrong to meddle, but wasn’t wrong about him needing to end things with Nikki. Jack defends their relationship. Ashley switches gears and fills Jack in on the hack – Dina’s password was used, but on a different Jabot laptop. Jack hollers it’s a cybercrime and summons Ravi, who reports this was an inside job. Jack wants a name. In the elevator, Dina and Victor compare notes on the envelope of photos. Victor assures her he won’t go personally after Jack. Victor-Victoria-sign-over-products-YR-CBSIn Victoria’s office, Billy is sick to his stomach over her accepting Victor’s help. Victoria insists it’s not controlling; her father is merely reaching out because he’s feeling hurt. Later, Phyllis checks in with Ravi, who returns her laptop. He seems edgy. Ravi makes his way to Jack’s office, and reports that the breach came from Phyllis’ laptop. Ashley screams that she wants that bitch out of the building! Meanwhile, Billy and Victoria are discussing using accessing Jabot through Phyllis’ laptop when she appears in the doorway behind them.

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Kevin-Mariah-reunited-YR-CBSMariah, Devon, and Tessa congregate on the coffeehouse patio. Tessa is warming up for recording. They assure Mariah she can come along and won’t be a distraction, but she begs off with work to do. Once alone, Mariah is stunned to see Kevin appear. He admits he’s in town for a very top-secret mission.

At the Chancellor mansion, Mariah urges Kevin to visit more often. He asks about her life. She admits Devon’s the greatest guy she ever dated, but she’s attracted to someone else. Kevin presses for the person’s identity, and hopes it’s not a guy she met on the internet. Mariah muses it’s someone who’s actually in her life a lot. She finally says it’s not a guy, it’s a woman. Mariah tears up – she has never felt like this about anyone before. Kevin is wholly supportive as she admits to kissing ‘her’. Mariah explains it’s confusing since the object of her affection is Tessa, who is with Noah. Kevin opines that falling in love defies logic, and urges Mariah to tell Tessa how she feels.

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Tessa-Mariah-truth-YR-CBIn the recording studio, Devon cheers as Tessa finishes her song. Later, Mariah arrives and learns Tessa’s been killing it. Devon leaves for Hamilton-Winters, and Tessa tells Mariah she channeled her anxiety about Crystal into her performance. She says one of the songs is also about Mariah. The redhead announces she owes Tessa the truth…about how she feels.

Kevin arrives at the ranch, where Victor has another confidential job for him…he wants him to get access to Nikki’s cellphone and email, but won’t divulge the reason why.

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Graham and Dina convene in his Club suite, where her companion reminds her that Victor’s now indebted to her, and comments on her children always finding fault with her. Graham muses that Ashley’s paranoia could be inherited and fishes for the name of her biological father. Dina feels she talked too much already, and exits. Graham looks at the photo of a young boy.

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Tessa says to Mariah, “You’re like family to me.” Mariah repeats, “Family.”

Zach says into his phone, “Yes?” Alice, on the other end, replies, “I’ve got some news you’ll want to hear.”

Scott says to Paul, “Tell me you found something we can use to crack this sex ring and bring them down.”

Jack tells Ravi and Ashley, “They want access to our secrets? Let’s give it to them.”

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