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At Brash & Sassy, Billy assures Victoria that Phyllis doesn’t know he used her computer. Victoria worries that corporate espionage is a crime. Billy plugs in the USB to see what they got. They learn that Jabot is planning to resurrect all their old classics with a much higher budget and strategize about how to get something appealing out sooner. Up at Jabot, Ashley updates Ravi with the latest on Graham. Ravi takes an urgent call, then informs Ash they have a problem. He explains someone made an unauthorized download from R&D and got file only she and Jack should be able to access. Ashley learns the suspect used a legitimate password, and takes off.

At the ranch, Victor becomes distracted when Abby is talking about an acquisition. He mentions the envelope from Dina and opens it. Abby’s jaw drops when she sees the photos of Nikki kissing Jack. It comes out she saw them at the cabin. Victor insists he doesn’t care if they lie in the gutter. Abby thinks he’s fibbing.

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In the Club, Nikki insists to Jack that she’s not concerned about Victor’s reaction when he finds out they’re seeing each other. She admits she even thought about flaunting it to irk Vic. Jack encourages her to flaunt him, but Nikki doesn’t want ugliness. Jack muses about sending the Mustache a fruit basket. Nikki chastises him. Across the room, Lauren and Phyllis watch Jack hug Nikki goodbye. Nikki exclaims about a photo on her phone and takes off. Lauren-Phyllis-not-my-problem-YR-CBSPhyllis and Lauren get into it about whether Brash & Sassy manipulated their numbers. Phyllis questions how Victoria got her hands on inside information, and frets about a mole at Jabot. Lauren counters that it’s not her problem. She suggests Phyllis not let Jack drag her down; she must protect her relationship. In Dina’s suite, Graham informs her he sent photos of Nikki and Jack to Victor. He goes on about saving Jack from himself. Dina rants that Nikki is using her son. Graham encourages Dina to tell Victor she thought he had a right to know. Later, Ashley arrives to confront Graham. She puts him on notice that he won’t get away with what he’s done. She accuses him of stealing confidential documents, but Graham wholly denies it. Ash wants to look at his computer. Graham invites her to go ahead and they have an exchange which ends with him warning she doesn’t know what he’s capable of. Ash warns Ravi’s conducting a thorough investigation. Graham welcomes the truth coming out.

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Abby is leaving the ranch after giving her father a pep talk when Nikki arrives. Nikki thanks Victor for the photo he sent – it’s nice to have a memento – and then turns surly as she orders him to stay out of her life. She assumes he hired someone to take the photos. Victor hollers that he has no idea who took them, urges her to look at the envelope and exits the room. Nikki sees Dina’s name on the envelope.

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At Jabot, Ravi asks to check Dina’s computer for security protocol. Dina beams and gushes as she hands it over. In Jack’s office, he meets with Lauren about getting prominent shelf space. He reminds her he helped keep her company afloat as they snipe back and forth. Lauren will continue to support Jabot and Brash & Sassy. As she exits, Ravi calls her into his office. Meanwhile, Phyllis is quizzing Jack about his relationship with Nikki, when the blonde walks in. Phyllis leaves and Jack notices an email from Victor. Nikki starts to caution him, but he opens it and sees the photos.Jack-furious-Dina-YR-CBS Nikki knows who’s responsible. In Brash & Sassy’s office, Billy complains about Jack, and Victoria admits she didn’t see their ‘youth line’ coming. They are brainstorming ideas when Victor busts in. He overheard enough to know Billy took illegal measures, but also offers to go after Jack if Victoria gives him the word. Upstairs in Ravi’s office, Phyllis is taken aback when he alludes to a problem and asks to inspect her computer. Down in Jack’s office, he confronts his mother angrily about the photos she sent to Victor.

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