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As Phyllis and Dina have it out at Jabot, and Phyllis reminds Dina of her own betrayal, Billy intercedes. Once Dina’s walked off, Billy tries to placate Phyllis, who demands to know why he just took Dina’s side over hers. Billy insists he’d never do that, but Phyllis won’t be calmed down. Billy has an idea to get out the aggression. “Come on.”

Victor-in-the-dark-YR-CBAbby finds Victor sitting in the dark at the ranch. He asks to reschedule their dinner and wants to be alone. Abby sits and asks what’s going on. Victor muses that Nicholas went too far this time. Abby sighs – she wants to bring peace back. Victor reveals Nick told Faith he kicked him out of the tackhouse. Abby points out it’s the truth. Victor ruminates about Faith’s distrust of him. Abby opines that Nick isn’t vindictive and suggests he seek the truth from his son.

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In The Underground, Nick and Chelsea discuss the latest on Victor and Faith. Nick reveals that Faith stood up to his dad in the stables, and now she won’t think everything that comes out of his mouth is gospel. Nick worries about Faith, but Chelsea refocuses him on the emptiness of the bar. He concedes that he shut the place down as a romantic gesture. They kiss and Chelsea sets about making cocktails. Victor appears. When he brings up the situation with Faith, Chelsea warns she and Nick will always tell their children the truth. Victor complains Nick is turning everyone against him. Nick refuses to take the blame. They argue about what Faith should have been told. Nick reveals that Nikki discovered he went to the camp behind all their backs. They ominously agree they won’t ‘protect’ one another anymore. Victor exits. Nick tells Chelsea the line has been drawn and there’s no going back.

Nikki sighs happily as she and Jack arrive in the ‘magical’ Abbott cabin. She vows to do the cooking; she’s enjoying doing things for herself again. Nikki-magical-cabin-YR-CBSNikki goes on about the calming nature of the place, adding that it helped her to leave Victor. Jack wonders if her resolve is wavering, but she reassures him. Abby shows up and is surprised to see Nikki there with Jack. “What are you two trying to do? Start the final Abbott-Newman war?” Nikki reminds Abby she and Victor have separated. Abby snarks that she always goes back. She goes on about everyone having turned against Victor, who’s a wreck because Faith laid into him. Abby pleads that if Victor finds out they’re playing house it will break him and he’ll lash out. Once she leaves, Jack offers to take Nikki home, but they stay. Over dinner they discuss Abby, Dina, and Victor’s reaction to their relationship. Jack says, “Bring it on.” When they step outside to kiss, someone snaps photos.

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At the Club, Graham urges Ashley to start explaining herself or he’ll call the police. Ashley informs Graham that she wasn’t breaking and entering, Dina gave her the key to pick up documents. Graham calls Dina – he needs to see her pronto. Soon, Dina arrives. She confesses that she gave Ashley the key to his room, and she did it for his own damn good! She explains she wanted to put their suspicions to rest. Graham is still hopped up about his privacy being violated. Phyllis-Billy-sauna-YR-CBSDina questions his defensiveness. Graham insists he has no secrets and asks why Dina is so desperate for Ashley’s approval. Dina breaks down. She’s the reason Ashley can’t trust anyone – she lied to her for years. Dina reveals, “John Abbott wasn’t her father.” Down in the gym, Phyllis and Billy work out competitively to release tension. They wind up nude in the sauna having sex. After, they’re rejuvenated and happy to have not mentioned work once.

Ravi-grin-at-Ashley-YR-CBSAshley arrives at Jabot and updates Ravi on her discovery in Graham’s room, as well as him catching her. They speculate on the mega bill he’s paying at the active living facility. Ash decides to phone Boca Point and get answers. She asks for the Bloodworth suite. Ravi grins as Ashley pretends to be a telemarketer and learns Mrs. Bloodworth’s son pays all the bills. She disconnects and hisses that Graham is a liar. He said he had no living relatives, but clearly he does.

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At the ranch, Victor leaves Nikki a voicemail – damaging his relationship with Faith will come with a cost. He then phones someone else and calls in a favor; he wants the person on the other end to return to Genoa City.

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Jack says, “We keep digging! If this guy would lie about his mother being gone…” Ashley interjects, “Then he’s lying about other things, obviously.”

Graham tells Dina, “You can entrust any and all of your secrets to me. You must know that.”

Victor asks Nikki, “Were you with Jack Abbott last night?”

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