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At Brash & Sassy, Lily remarks to Jordan that the place is bringing up everything that happened there with Cane. She marvels that she didn’t see what was going on with him. Jordan offers to reschedule, but she declines.

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In The Underground, Nick and Sharon debate about her scheme to strand Alice’s car. Sharon says Scott thinks she’s doing the right thing by following her instincts, but Nick clucks that she’s putting herself at risk. Nick-Sharon-discuss-Alice-YR-CBSShe reminds him he followed Chloe, and asks about his tracking device. Alice returns – exasperated over a flat tire. Nick goes to fix it, and Sharon makes Alice a drink, furtively snapping a photo of her from the bar. Meanwhile, Nick plants the tracking device on Alice’s car. Inside, Alice answers Sharon’s questions about her sales job in Madison until Nick returns. Alice remarks that it’s sweet they still care about one another, and adds that Cassie sometimes tells her the right thing to do in her dreams. After she’s gone, Sharon and Nick track her car.

At the Club, Hilary remarks on Cane’s positive prenatal test results and him being a caring baby daddy, before updating him on her run-in with Lily in the elevator – she was off to work with Jordan. She’s frustrated at his lack of reaction. Cane mocks her for getting dumped, and she reminds him they have a mutual goal. Cane fills her in on the twins being standoffish at the back-to-school breakfast. Hilary muses that it will take time. Cane opens up about the Mattie and Reed situation; it’s a total nightmare. In the gym, Mariah admires Tessa’s yoga technique, and Tessa replies she looks hot. Mariah spots Tessa’s notebook and reads her lyrics about her sister. Tessa-Mariah-talk-about-Noah-YR-CBSTessa reflects that Noah was the only one to ask her what Crystal was like, and Mariah feels bad. Tessa reassures her; everything good in her life now is because of her – she helped her believe in Noah. Mariah’s glad she has him, and excuses herself. Tessa takes a call from Sharon, summoning them to a meeting. Later, Jordan offers to ‘spot’ for Cane, who informs him he doesn’t need his help, and neither does his family. Jordan says he and Lily are working together, and reminds Cane they’re separated, so it’s up to her who she talks to. Cane informs the photographer he is fiercely protective when it comes to his family.

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Reed and Mattie giggle about sneaking around on the coffeehouse patio. Mattie reveals she’s invented a fake job in the drama club and they hold hands. Mattie-Reed-hold-hands-YR-CBSReed asks if she’s sure about going stealth, and she reveals her mother is a hypocrite due to spending time with Jordan. They are kissing goodbye when Hilary spots them. Later, Sharon and Nick fill Tessa and Mariah in on Alice’s history and their suspicion she may be the sex ring’s den mother. They track her to an upscale neighborhood. Tessa wants to confront her, but Nick warns against rushing in there without evidence and tipping Alice off. Sharon can’t shake the feeling Alice is involved, and vows to find out. Outside after Reed’s left, Hilary lets Mattie know she saw them kiss, and muses about her dad hating Victoria. She tells the girl it’s smart to keep the romance a secret rather than cross Victoria Newman. Mattie asks if she’ll tell her parents. Hil will keep quiet.

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At home, Charlie and Lily discuss sports. She encourages him to get Cane’s advice. They chat about her work. Charlie has photography questions for Jordan. Talk turns to Mattie, and her brother repeats her cover story. The topic switches to Cane finding a job. Charlie thinks it would help. Lily warns even if he gets the perfect job, she doesn’t know when or if she’ll be ready for him to move home. After, Charlie sees an unsent text from Lily to Jordan about how much she enjoyed their day.

In Alice’s house, she offers Crystal a do-over if she promises to behave. Crystal agrees; she doesn’t want to go away again. Alice tells her they’re glad she’s back, especially her. Crystal tells Alice she’s the nicest person she know. Alice loves all the girls like family. She enthuses to Crystal that the boss thinks she’s a ‘cut above’ and can’t wait to meet her.

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As Alice looks on, Zach says to Crystal, “Hello Crystal. You’ve had a lot of people concerned about you.”

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