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Nikki drops by Brash & Sassy to complain to Victoria about Hilary airing her argument with Hochman on GC Buzz. Victoria-proof-YR-CBSTalk turns to Victor and how he’s damaged Vikki’s relationship with Billy. They move on to Hochman, and Victoria reveals Phyllis gave him a push in her direction. Victoria thinks she’s working with Jack to take her company down. Up at Jabot, Ashley updates Jack on Billy and Victoria’s accusations – they know about their new line and think he’s plotting to use Fenmore’s. He claims they’re responsible for their own sales slump, but Ash notes where there’s smoke, with Jack, there’s usually fire. She warns him plotting could bite him in the butt. After, Jack leaves a message for someone to get to his office….now.

At home, Billy apologizes for going into work the previous night and wants to make it up to Phyllis. He offers to take a half day, but she thinks he’ll be distracted with Brash & Sassy. Billy refuses to talk to her about why he went back to the office last night, noting that she must have secrets about Jabot as well.

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Devon stops by Sharon’s place looking for Mariah and takes Tessa by surprise by revealing he wants to get her back into the recording studio and under contract due to the success of her first track. She promises not to be distracted this time.

At GC Buzz, Hilary takes Mariah off guard by apologizing for ruining her date with Devon the other night. Hil reveals that she and Devon spent time together at the Athletic Club and mentions the text he sent Mariah saying he’d be late. Mariah claims she wasn’t hovering by her phone and walks away. Devon shows up and Hilary overhears him apologize to Mariah – he didn’t show up at The Underground at all. Snarking ensues until Mariah steps away with Devon and asks why he spent so long with Hilary. He pleads his case. Mariah accuses him of letting Hilary snow him, and points out he hasn’t yet told her he loves her. Devon insists he’s committed to her. The redhead’s not convinced he’s over Hilary, who hovers nearby.

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In Crimson Lights, Scott reveals to Sharon that he’s discovered Alice’s address. Sharon questions her suspicions about the blonde, but Scott reiterates that he trusts her instincts. Scott-instincts-YR-CBSThey debate the issue, and Scott reveals that Alice lied about passing through town – she has a Genoa City address. Tessa arrives seeking an update on Crystal. Sharon’s heard nothing. She and Scott head out to Alice’s, with Sharon saying she’ll update him about Tessa on the way. Meanwhile, Zach approaches Tessa on the patio fishing to see if she’s heard from Crystal. They chat about her singing and his business until he gets a text from Alice and leaves. Inside, Ashley is pleased for Abby being closer to her father on the ranch. Abby swiftly mentions Brent Davis, noting Victor warned her not to bring him up. Ash explains he wasn’t a nice man and her family never got over his affair with her mother.

Outside Alice’s house, Sharon and Scott are startled when a neighbor woman pops up in the car window as they wait for Alice to arrive. She mentions Alice had a niece visiting. Having waited long enough, they drive off before Alice arrives at home.

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Phyllis-Jack-accusation-YR-CBSPhyllis arrives at Jabot, where Jack accuses her of leaking their marketing plans to Billy over pillow talk. Phyllis argues that she wouldn’t lift a finger to keep Brash & Sassy going; it’s bringing Billy and Victoria closer together. They rehash the meeting with Lauren yesterday. Jack is disgruntled – he likes to win. Phyllis exits as Nikki swans in. She sweetly says Jack can be such a wonderful man before asking if he’s planning to destroy her daughter’s company. Jack reassures her. Nikki warns if she ever got word he’d plotted against Victoria their friendship would end…instantly. Downstairs, Billy arrives at Brash & Sassy and he and Victoria rehash how he used Phyllis’ computer to access Jabot’s server. He says it’s all due to Jack gunning for him, and he won’t let Victoria or her company become collateral damage. Victoria-elevator-bitch-YR-CBSThey strategize about how to compete with Jabot. Billy takes issue with her suggestion they make people believe Jabot’s new products are shoddy, but Billy vows to solve the problem. After Vikki exits, he phones to arrange an army of temps across the country that will give out $100 gift cards to Fenmore’s for Brash & Sassy products only – billed to him. Meanwhile, Victoria gets on the elevator with Phyllis and slams on the emergency stop button. Phyllis snipes, “What do you think you’re doing?” Victoria replies, “I’m onto you, Bitch.”

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Sharon says to Scott, “My instincts were right in the first place. Alice is part of the sex ring.”

Zach asks Alice, “Who is Rainbow Girl?” Alice replies, “One of our most requested, but she’s been trouble.”

Jack says to Hilary, “You and I are both people who are willing to take risks. I think you can help me with a little plan of mine.”

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