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At The Underground, Sharon explains her suspicions about Alice to a skeptical Nick, who brushes it off as a coincidence.

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At home, Phyllis appears on the stairs as Billy finishes downloading a file. He relays that he was looking up something for work, and now has to go into the office. Phyllis sighs – there’s always a crisis with Victoria.

At Jabot, Ravi suggests some relaxation, but Ashley wants to focus on work. Ravi insists she touch his cheek – he’s wearing her new moisturizer. She enthuses about making the new line unisex and brands him a genius. Ashley-Ravi-focus-YR-CBSAt Brash & Sassy, Victoria and Neil chat over takeout. Vikki thanks him for alleviating her stress and mentions seeing a doctor. Neil’s supportive. Billy arrives as they hug. He thanks Neil for saving their bacon, After Neil’s gone, Billy updates Victoria – he got into Jabot’s server and they have plans to smash them to bits. He reveals Jabot’s buying an outside product line and will have Fenmore’s take away Brash & Sassy’s shelf space. Victoria thanks him for putting his relationship on the line, and wonders if Phyllis knows about the plan. Billy insists it’s all Jack, and wants to take pre-emptive measures. They head up to Jabot, where Ash is flirting with Ravi. Billy confronts his sister about whether Jack is up to something. Ashley and Ravi commiserate with Victoria about Hochman being an ass and claim if Jack’s doing something they’ve no knowledge of it. Ravi and Vikki step out, and he mentions Hochman met with both Ashley and Jack, and then with Phyllis. As he talks, Victoria’s head buzzes. She mutters about having another target to focus on. Meanwhile, in the office, Ash insists to Billy she has no knowledge of Jack plotting against them. He mentions Dina wanting peace in the family. Ash isn’t optimistic.

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Michael and Lauren are slow dancing in their living room when Scott enters. Lauren hasn’t talked to him since he moved out and asks how he’s doing…and Sharon. He wonders if she really wants to know. Scott-Lauren-hug-Michael-YR-CBSLauren insists she’s making an effort. Scott wishes it wasn’t so difficult. He gets a text from Sharon about the sex ring and takes off. Michael and Lauren resume getting sexy but Phyllis shows up. She whaps her purse on the couch and rants about Victoria ruining another evening with Billy. Michael snarks that he can relate to spoiled romantic plans. Phyllis goes on that Billy seemed ‘off’. Lauren wonders if Victoria is going after him, and Phyllis feels it’s possible she’d use her company to do it. Lauren points out Phyllis was colluding with Jack, and Michael calls her out for feeling insecure. Phyllis admits if Brash & Sassy collapsed tomorrow she’d set off fireworks. “Something needs to change.”

In the penthouse, Chelsea works to bond with Faith over manicures and ice cream. Faith knows Chelsea and Connor could have moved into the tackhouse, and asks the real reason her dad moved them in there. Faith-Chelsea-never-home-YR-CBSChelsea cites the advantages of living in town, but Faith isn’t buying it. Nick enters as she protests that she knows something’s wrong. “We shouldn’t be here.” The girl tells Nick this place will never feel like home to her. Nick lectures about respecting Chelsea and challenges her to prove she’s a big girl. Faith heads upstairs and Nick reassures his deflated girlfriend. A ranch employee arrives – Victor sent him over with Faith’s bedroom furniture. They call Faith down and announce that the room Chelsea designed for her has arrived; Victor was storing it at the ranch. The vanity’s rolled in and Faith loves it. Nick smiles as she hugs Chelsea, but grimaces when she chortles that Grandpa knows how to make things better for her.

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At home, Sharon flashes to a past clash with Alice. Scott arrives and she updates him that she got a blast from the past this evening. She fills him in on Alice, and reveals she may still be a threat. Scott thinks it’s plausible that Alice is mixed up with the sex ring sleaze balls – he trusts her instincts and plans to discover what the blonde is up to.

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