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Sharon stops in to the ranch to complain about Victor escalating things with Nick. Victor doesn’t want to be lectured, but Sharon points out it also affects her. She muses that for someone who claims to put family first, he sure doesn’t act that way. Victor suggests Sharon get custody of Faith so she’ll be at the ranch. Sharon won’t let him tell her how to deal with her ex. She mentions Christian, and Vic vows he won’t let anyone keep him from his grandson.

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At the penthouse, Chelsea looks on as Nick tries to convince Faith to give the new living situation a shot. Faith wants to go back to the ranch, and asks Nick to take her to see Grandpa. Nick replies, “That’s not going to happen.” Chelsea pipes up that it might be a good idea, and the girl perks up. Jordan-family-talk-YR-CBSLater, Jordan arrives and Chelsea fills him in. He’s surprised Nick didn’t tell Faith that Victor kicked him out, but she insists it’s the right thing. She’s sure eventually they’ll feel like a family. He mentions his dinner with Lily and her kids, and his concern that she’ll learn of his past. Chelsea reassures him. Jordan admires her for taking the leap to take on someone’s angry kid. She agrees it’s a leap.

Dina enters Jack’s office and questions him about having her analyze Jabots sales compared to Brash & Sassy’s – she wonders if this is about Billy, and goes on to complain about Phyllis still working there while his brother’s banned. They bicker. Dina sniffs about Jack not emulating John. Jack growls that his father was a better man than him. In Ravi’s office, he asks Ashley about her intense conversation with Dina. Dina-Ravis-office-YR-CBSShe says it has to stay between her and her mother. Down at Brash & Sassy, Billy tries Dina’s password again, but is denied access. He takes a call from Phyllis, but lets her go as Victoria arrives. Vikki wants ideas, so they talk shop. Billy alludes to a risky idea. He tells her about Dina’s password. Victoria chirps that he needs a Jabot computer to get in. Billy realizes she’s thinking of Phyllis’ laptop she brings home at night. He tells her he’s in. Victoria thanks him for going the extra mile for them and they embrace. Up at Jabot, Phyllis enters Jack’s office. Dina says it’s never a good time for her and totters out. Phyllis and Jack get into it about Brash & Sassy. He complains she should want all or nothing as Victoria’s pulling out all the stops. Lauren arrives, and Jack invites her in for a proposition – he wants priority shelf space for his new products over Brash & Sassy’s. Lauren thinks Jack is targeting Billy. She asks Phyllis to step out and informs him she won’t screw over Brash & Sassy. His products will have to prove themselves against theirs. She makes her way to Ravi’s office. Ash leaves, and Dina tells Ravi she knows they were talking about her. Ravi hopes they work things out. After, in the corridor, Ashley again assures Ravi she has to handle this on her own.

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Nick brings Faith in to the ranch. He and Sharon watch as Faith hops up on the sofa beside Victor enthusiastically, and he takes her off to the stables. Nick-Ghandi-YR-CBSSharon warns Nick about putting Faith in a position to choose. He says she’s right, but someone’s not making it very easy. They agree it’s been a huge change for Faith, and Sharon reveals she won’t add the news about Scott onto it. She urges Nick to summon his inner Gandhi. In the stables, Vic tells Faith that Chelsea is a good person, and asks her to apologize to her dad and respect him. When they return to the house, Nick offers to let Faith stay at Sharon’s for a few days, but Faith wants to go say sorry to Chelsea. Victor is proud and Faith goes to hug him.

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Billy arrives home and kisses on Phyllis before carrying her up to the bedroom. After, he nips down to her computer when she’s showering and gains access to Jabot’s files.

Victoria drops into Jack’s office and suggests they be ‘healthy’ competitors if he plans on continuing to see her mother. Dina appears and crows about Brash & Sassy and Billy. Vikki reiterates they should be friendly neighbors. “What do you say, Jack.” He narrows his eyes, but shakes her hand.

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