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Nick arrives at the coffeehouse with Faith, who hugs Sharon, but is standoffish with him. They sit the girl down to discuss Nick moving in with Chelsea. Sharon-Faith-hug-YR-CBSFaith is put out he didn’t tell her first, and isn’t sold on the idea. She wants to be able to visit her mother, and Grandpa, noting that he’ll need company now that Grandma’s moved out. Nick wonders how she knew. Faith alludes to talking to others while she was at camp. Nick talks up how great it will be living in town. After, he asks Sharon not to let Faith spend as much time with his father. Once Sharon’s alone, Scott appears. He surmises she doesn’t want Faith to know about them. Sharon ruminates that she’s strong, but has seen too much for her age. Scott’s glad she has people who support her. Sharon worries she should have kept Faith the first few nights. Scott feels she should listen to her instincts.

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At the ranch, Chelsea confronts Victor about Faith’s bedroom furniture and asks him not to play games. Vic contends this is about the welfare of his granddaughter. They debate about his issues with Nick. Chelsea asks if he didn’t learn anything from his feud with Adam. Victor insists this is different.

Ashley-discuss-Dina-YR-CBSIn their office, Jack and Ashley are impressed with Dina’s latest report. Jack remarks, “Mother is suddenly an asset at Jabot.” They debate their mother’s past again. Jack recalls the fight when John found out she was having an affair. He switches gears to Ashley’s trip to the cabin. She says there’s not much to tell as Ravi enters. Jack grills them about their adventures. Ash winces, and Ravi reports he tried paddleboarding. As they exit, Jack grins.

At the Club, Dina chats with Abby about Zach and her move into the tackhouse. Dina muses that Victor isn’t a man who likes being alone. Abby wonders if she thinks that’s why he asked her to move in. Dina points out he’s a master manipulator. Abby asks her grandmother why she left John and her family. She explains she was unhappy and unfulfilled, and had an affair. Nearby, Phyllis is pleased Billy didn’t have to rush into work. She asks what he has in mind for Jack. Billy slyly looks over in Dina’s direction, but claims he was only blowing off steam. Talk turns to Hochman. They bicker about Victoria’s pubic argument with him. Billy refuses to blame the mother of his children. Phyllis changes the subject to Dina, who is so comfortable at Jabot she could steal the company out from under Jack. Billy thinks it would serve the ‘condescending tool’ right, but Phyllis contends she wasn’t serious. The subject returns to Brash & Sassy. Billy insists the pressure is off. Phyllis goes, and Billy approaches Dina and Abby, who also takes off. Dina accepts Billy’s offer of a lift to Jabot, but they have to stop at her suite. While she gets her things, Billy photographs her Jabot computer password.

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At the penthouse, Chelsea is thinking about the recent changes when Nick enters with Faith, who heads to her room. Faith-calls-Victor-YR-CBSChelsea informs Nick that Victor took Faith’s new bedroom furniture. Upstairs, Faith phones Victor to say she misses the ranch. Vic counsels her to complain to her dad if she has any issues there. Later, Faith resists Nick’s efforts to promote family fun. She’s angry he up and moved without asking her – her life was perfect and he ruined it.

Ashley compliments Dina’s work as she comes into Jabot. Dina crows about being more fulfilled and reveals Abby’s living at the ranch. Ash worries what Victor gives, he sometimes takes back. Dina adds that Abby was asking questions about her leaving John. They agree Abby can’t know she’s not John’s granddaughter. Dina’s sorry Ash has this secret, but she doesn’t regret having her. Ravi listens, unseen. Meanwhile in the office, Jack needles Phyllis about Victoria neglecting to fill Cane’s position and monopolizing Billy’s time. He reiterates that he can’t be trusted.

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At the ranch, Abby talks to Victor about her relationship with Dina, and says she revealed her affair. Abby asks Victor what he knows about Brent Davis. Vic advises her about opening old wounds and suggests she not bring it up with her mother.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Billy tries Dina’s password but is denied access.

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Jack tells Phyllis, “You should want all or nothing. Victoria is pulling out all the stops.”

Victoria wants a knock-out blow and asks Billy, “So, what’s your shady idea?”

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