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Victor is in his leather at the ranch, thinking about disowning Nick and Nikki leaving him. He’s startled when Nikki appears to pick up some stuff. She sees he’s been watching the Victoria video on GC Buzz again and they bicker about their daughter. She’s refused his offers for help. Victor has moved Faith’s furniture from the tack house to her room upstairs. They argue about what he’s done to the family and she warns that Faith may move on from him too. After she leaves, he calls Faith’s camp to tell them that he’s coming up to see her.

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Nick and Chelsea discuss Faith-YR-CBSNick is at the penthouse with Chelsea. He wants to help take care of the bills. She reluctantly agrees but they need to get some things straight. They talk about his rush to move in and he tells her how much he wants things to work. He asks if Faith can come to stay with them. She thinks maybe Faith should stay with Sharon for a while first. As they debate this, Nikki arrives to say that Victor’s worried Nick might stop Faith from seeing her grandfather. She’s worried about how the little girl will handle the latest upset in the family. He accuses her of doing Victor’s bidding and vows to tell his daughter everything.

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Jordan tells Hilary it's not working-YR-CBSNeil chats with Lily at the pool bar. She eagerly tells him she’ll be busy working all fall. He has some good news too and talks about his investment in the new Brash & Sassy campaign. He’s talked to Cane and told him to get his life in gear. Lily doesn’t think that will be easy. Her father urges her to take time before she makes a major decision. Meanwhile, Cane joins Juliet in the club dining room. She just had a prenatal test and hands him the results. Their baby has the genetic marker for cystic fibrosis. She asks him to get a blood test. He’s eager to get it done. She smiles to herself as they go. Later, they return after doing the test and he assures her that they will get through whatever comes. As she gives him a hug, Lily walks in. That’s awkward. Juliet walks away and Cane assures Lily she is the only woman he wants and he’s determined to put them back together. Upstairs, Jordan arrives at Hilary’s door. She pulls him in with a kiss and some champagne then tells him how great things are going for her. He toasts to her. She gives him the credit for her success, strips off her clothes and asks him to celebrate some more. After she offers him a nude photo shoot, he pulls away. She wants to reconnect but he thinks they should move on. Hilary assumes he’s got eyes for Lily and warns him that she will break his heart. Jordan walks out. She heads downstairs and runs into Cane as Lily walks out. Hilary and Cane start to bicker. She can see he’s still hopeful for a reunion with Lily but says his wife and Jordan are probably already hooking up. Back at the pool bar, Lily joins Jordan and they talk about him being her rock.

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At Sharon’s, Tessa rails to Mariah about her sister’s terrible life. Mariah assures her that Crystal will be okay with Scott on the case. Tessa refuses to let Sharon know that she is Crystal’s sister. Mariah assures her that she’s a great sister and great person. She leaves to see Devon. Before Tessa can play guitar, her sister sends a text, asking for help at the motel.

At the GCPD, two women are brought in to be processed on prostitution charges. Sharon starts questioning a cop about Crystal. Before he can say anything, a guy arrives to post bail for the women. Sharon takes his picture and sends it to Scott, then follows the man and two women, photographing the car they get into.

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“Sometimes, despite our best efforts, things wind up beyond the point of no return,” Neil tells Cane.

“According to this, you and I will be hitting the road together,” Jordan tells Lily.

“What did you do to my sister?” Tessa demands at the motel.

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