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At the tackhouse, Nikki is surprised to see Abby, who informs her that Nick moved out. Abby confirms that Victor kicked him out. Nikki’s not upset with Abby, but rants about Victor’s vindictiveness. Nikki-vindictive-YR-CBSShe’s glad Abby and Vic are in a good place, but warns it might not last. Zach arrives, so Nikki goes. Zach helps Abby unpack. Abby steps out, and returns to hear Zach turn down an interview in a call. Zach insists he’s just being cautious since the app is new. Later, Zach and Abby each think the other is amazing and kiss.

In the penthouse, amid his moving boxes, Nick invites Chelsea to let him know if she’s having second thoughts.Chelsea-Nick-second-thoughts-YR-CBS Chelsea assures him that waking up next to him made her realize she’s lucky. Nick returns the sentiment. They make out in the doorway, and Chelsea leaves. Nikki arrives and exclaims over Nick and Christian living with Chelsea. She feels Victor is despicable, but Nick thinks it’s nice to cut the cord. Talk turns to Nikki and Jack. Nick worries his mother will be in the middle if the Newman-Abbott feud reignites. Later, Chelsea returns, frantic about fabric issues, until she notices Nick moved Connor’s drawing. He apologizes and makes it right.

Hilary and Mariah are discussing all the publicity the show is getting when Victoria enters GC Buzz seething. She slams Hilary for airing the filth and demands she take it offline now. Hilary insists she couldn’t even if she wanted to, and Mariah backs her up. Victoria accuses Hil of stalking, and scoffs at Mariah suggesting she give an interview. She reminds Hilary they had a great relationship – what changed? Arguing ensues about Juliet and the lawsuit. Victoria calls Hil a bottom-feeding hack and warns her not to make an enemy out of her.

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At Lily’s place, she assures Jordan he wasn’t out of line with the kiss, but it was unexpected. Jordan admits he wanted to do it since Cane moved out. Lily reminds him she’s still married. She’s confused, and needs to figure out how to make her own life work.

In the Club dining room, Neil informs Devon that their company gave Victoria a bridge loan. Devon’s surprised he didn’t talk to him first. Neil explains it was time-sensitive, and reveals he didn’t just do it for Victoria. He gestures over at Cane. Devon understands he was helping Lily out, but adds that as long as Cane’s in her life that will be a full-time job. Neil joins Cane, and counsels that he’ll only get his family back if he takes responsibility and proves he’s a decent man – he’s not trying hard enough.

At Jabot, Jack and Phyllis are speculating about Brash & Sassy when Billy enters and informs his brother he’ll be getting all his rent, thanks to Neil Winters.Billy-Phyllis-Jacks-office-YR-CBS Phyllis is pleased they’ll be able to hire more people. Jack snarks about her loyalties. Billy notes John wouldn’t be impressed with Jack trying to sabotage Victoria’s company. Later, Lily and Jordan join Billy at Brash & Sassy. He tells the happy duo that the Dare campaign is back on. Up at Jabot, Jack rants about Billy, but Phyllis agrees John wouldn’t approve of what he’s doing. Jack decides he’ll find another way to take out his competition. After, Nikki arrives and wonders how Jack can be friends with Hilary. He wonders why she still cares about Victor. They agree ticking off the Mustache is like jumping into a volcano, then confirm they want to be in each other’s lives and kiss.

At the hospital, Victoria reports she’s been doing things and having conversations she doesn’t remember later, and sometimes her hearing gets jumbled. The doctor sends her for an EEG, which comes back fine. He says her symptoms are normal for a concussion and are worsened by stress.

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At GC Buzz, Mariah notes Hilary seems rattled. She explains why Victoria was so upset and hopes Hilary has a flak jacket. Hil assures her she can handle the blowback. Devon arrives and kisses Mariah.

At the Club bar, Cane receives a text from Victoria to meet at Brash & Sassy. He leaves. Nearby, Billy and Phyllis discuss Jack’s agenda. Billy can handle him, and doesn’t want her caught in the crosshairs. Phyllis assures him her loyalties will always be with him. Billy warns her to be prepared – he paid the price for their affair and now it’s his turn to punish Jack. Up at the pool bar, Hilary spies Lily laughing with Jordan.

Cane arrives at Brash & Sassy, where Victoria sarcastically thanks him for saving the company. If she hadn’t seen his name on the notepad in Hochman’s suite, she might have lost Brash & Sassy. Vikki says Cane’s still fired, and he goes.

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Nick tells Chelsea that Faith is coming home from camp tomorrow. Chelsea wonders if she’ll be staying with them first. Nick replies, “Unless you have a problem with that?”

Jordan, shirtless, tells Hilary, “This isn’t working. We should just move on.”

Victor, at the ranch, calls out, “Connie? Is that you?” Nikki appears. “Oh no, it’s me.”

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