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At the Club, Hilary and Juliet admire one another’s outfits. Juliet spots Cane and trots over. Cane listens to her gabber about pre-natal testing and reveals he has a line on a job. Juliet feels any company would be lucky to have him. Cane laughs that she’s the only one who thinks that. They rehash being a good team in Japan, and discuss the need to look out for oneself. She offers him an ear if he needs to talk.Lily-in-Neils-office-YR-CBS Nearby, Graham updates Dina on the corrections he made to her report before she heads off to work. Up at the Hamilton-Winters office, Neil offers Lily financial support, but she plans to go out for more auditions. Neil asks about her marriage. Lily says they’ve overcome a lot in the past, but this time it’s different. They discuss Mattie and Reed, and Cane’s issues with the children. Lily feels her husband needs to take responsibility for his actions.

Victoria snarks at Billy for ‘teaming up’ with her father at Brash & Sassy. Billy cops to a moment of temporary insanity, and is surprised to learn she didn’t sign the deal with Hochman yet. Victoria wanted to sleep on it. Billy points out she never second-guesses her own instincts and wonders why she’s doing it now. Up at Jabot, Hochman reports to Jack that Vikki is ready to sign a bridge loan agreement and reveals that Cane offered him dirt. Jack muses that Cane may not be worth the trouble. He urges Hochman to get the loan deal signed fast. After, Jack takes a call and asks, “What about the Brash & Sassy office?” Later, Jack appears in Victoria’s office and announces it’s been a year since they moved in; it’s time to sign a new lease. Billy and Victoria read it and are outraged. Jack says it’s within his rights to raise the rent. Once alone, Victoria tells Billy she has no choice but to go with Hochman.

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At the cabin, Ashley remarks to Ravi that they had quite a night.Ravi-Ashely-cabin-time-YR-CBS Ravi surprises her by saying the sex was unexpected. He has no regrets, but wonders if she thinks it was a mistake. Ash also has no regrets, and adds, “How could I?” He pulls her in for a cuddle and they agree they’ve wanted this to happen for a long time. Ravi will understand if it turns out to be just a moment in time. Ash doesn’t know what they future holds, but it was an incredible moment. Ravi worries about weirdness at work, and she reassures him.

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In Hochman’s Club suite, Cane tells the businessman that he was privy to every plan Victoria had, but Hochman wants specific examples. Hochman-Cane-suite-YR-CBSCane won’t talk without a deal. Hochman has serious interest – they agree they’ll make a great team. In the dining room, Lily spars verbally with Hilary, who says she honestly feels bad for her. Lily laughs – she doesn’t want her pity. Cane appears and reports things are turning around for him. Lily shares her woes, and he’s encouraging. Lily walks out in frustration. Meanwhile, in Hochman’s suite, Victoria confronts him – she saw Cane Ashby leaving. She’s aware he’s offering her company’s secrets and presumes Ben took the bait. Hochman protests and denies, but she rips up the contract. Her head buzzes, and she exits. Hochman follows and Hilary tapes their argument in the corridor. She grins as Victoria sneers, “I can’t believe I actually spent the night with you! Such a huge mistake!” and Hochman responds, “Oh really? You certainly seemed to enjoy it at the time. Couldn’t get enough of ‘The Hoch’.” Neil appears as Vikki storms off.

Billy runs into Dina by the Jabot elevators. Jill’s name comes up and they agree she has a way of getting under one’s skin. Dina reveals she’s working there. Billy offers to show her around B&S. Ravi and Ashley return, and Ash joins Jack in his office.Jack-worry-Dina-YR-CBS She learns he’s raised Brash & Sassy’s rent in hopes they’ll get out, and predicts they’ll dig their heels in. Jack mentions Dina’s faulty report. He proposes that Graham maybe knows something about her they don’t. Down at Brash & Sassy, Dina is encouraged when Billy thinks John would approve of her joining Jabot. They realize neither of them are as close to Ashley as they’d like, and Billy expresses hope he and Jack will make amends. They part amicably.

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