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At Jabot, Jack and Dina discuss her connection with Ashley, who is enjoying some well-deserved R&R. Jack calls Dina out for hating the Abbott cabin. Dina says it was important to John. Jack recalls it was the one place they could have fun and get away from the sadness at home. He reflects on the break-up of his parents’ marriage, and how it was like a weight pressing on John. Talk turns to Graham, and Dina deflects to her special project at Jabot. Gloria enters and Dina hands her a list of items she requires before leaving. Jack mulls over his mother’s report, but the figures don’t add up. Glo steps out and updates Graham by phone.

In the Abbott cabin, Ashley flashes to being a teen; asking her father why he’s so sad, and learning her mother wouldn’t be coming home. Rav-Ashley-passion-YR-CBSShe tears up, as Ravi appears. Ash reveals she was thinking about her dad, and gives Ravi the rundown on the end of her parents’ marriage. Ravi worries about negative memories, but Ash says it feels good to talk about it. Talk turns to Ravi’s scout-worthy skills as they head to the kitchen. They eat freshly-picked mushrooms and Swiss chocolate over talk of relaxation, then kiss. Soon, they’re undressing as the kisses heat up.

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At the coffeehouse, Scott tells Sharon his plan to find Crystal – he’ll become her newest client by answering one of the ads. He phones for a full body massage. Sharon frets about something going wrong, but Scott reassures her.

At Sharon’s place, Tessa cries to Mariah that she’d hoped to save enough to get her sister out of the abusive family home…and now she’s on the streets. Tessa divulges that Crystal called her, but hung up – she could tell she was desperate and terrified. Mariah holds Tessa, who goes over her regrets, and asks her to keep this from Noah and Sharon. Mariah agrees…for now. Sharon enters and announces Scott is on a mission to find Crystal. Tessa is hopeful, and Sharon reflects about becoming personally involved.

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Scott-update-sex-ring-YR-CBSAt a motel, Scott pays the thug at the door, and is left with a blonde girl. He turns on his phone recorder and suggests they talk. Natalia is Russian, so he asks about Crystal in her language, and learns she’s being punished, but the woman in charge hasn’t hurt her. After, Scott phones and updates Sharon, Tessa, and Mariah. Given that Natalia is a recent immigrant, he opines Crystal could be mixed up in something bigger than they thought.

At the Club, Victoria takes a call from Billy, who gets irritated when he hears Hochman. Vikki disconnects. Hochman turns on the charm, but she wants to stick to business, and reveals she is willing to entertain him helping with Brash & Sassy.

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In the Brash & Sassy office, Billy throws papers toward the doorway in anger. Victor appears. He wants the rundown on how Cane damaged the company and reveals that Victoria broke down on Abby. Billy confides she’s trying to secure a bridge loan. Vic appreciates the honesty and says he’ll provide the loan.

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In the Club dining room, Hochman whips out a contract, but Victoria turns down his offer and asks for a bridge loan instead. Her head buzzes as he drones on about percentages. Victor and Billy appear. Victoria-Hochman-sign-YR-CBHochman is dismissed by the Mustache, who offers Victoria the loan. Vikki complains that he kicked Nicholas out of his home to be spiteful and won’t accept. Billy and Victor press her not to do business with Hochman, but she stalks off. Billy irks Victor by shrugging that Hochman won’t be any worse for the company than he would be. In a suite, Victoria takes the contract from Hochman and exits without signing it. In Dina’s suite, Graham fixes the budget report she did at Jabot while she bathes.

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Cane and Hochman shake hands and agree they’ll make a great team.

Billy and Victoria take a document from Jack. Billy sneers, “Unbelievable.” Vikki exclaims, “You bastard!”

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