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At the Ashby house, Mattie and Reed stop kissing when Cane slams the door. Reed departs, and Cane informs Mattie he doesn’t want that boy in the house. Mattie argues that he only hates Reed because he’s Victoria’s son, and reminds him Victoria fired him because he lied.

Victoria informs Billy that Brash & Sassy can’t secure the funds they need so they’ll have to cut back. She has a plan, and takes off as Lily arrives. Lily-Billy-bad-news-YR-CBSBilly and Lily go over her split with Cane. She muses that keeping busy with the Dare campaign helps, but Billy breaks the news it has to be put on hold. Lily sighs that Brash & Sassy is going broke thanks to Cane. Billy is confident she’ll find work and hugs her. After, Reed arrives seeking Billy’s advice on how to cope if Mattie’s parents won’t let him see her. Billy advises he’ll have to accept it. Reed’s unimpressed, but Billy assures him it will blow over. Reed asks, “Like it did for you and Grandpa?” Billy sighs.

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Noah helps Tessa get settled at his mother’s place. Sharon appears, followed by Mariah. Everyone’s sure this will be great. Tessa-Sharon-make-nice-YR-CBSAfter, Sharon makes nice with Tessa, who asks if there’s an update on the girl from the hotline. There’s not. Sharon leaves with Noah, and Tessa checks her phone. Mariah appears and Tessa suspects she’s avoiding her. Mariah denies it; they’re friends. Tessa becomes emotional and Mariah urges her to open up. Swearing her to secrecy, Tessa reveals that Crystal is her little sister.

In the penthouse, Nick tells Chelsea he thinks they’re ready to move in together. Chelsea rambles about the level of togetherness and it being a big change. Nick reassures her, but is fine if she needs more time. When he’s respectful about the penthouse being Adam’s turf, Chelsea decides she wants him there. They kiss and he leaves to get his things and Christian.

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At Newman Enterprises, Scott needles Abby, who is clearly distracted. She reveals Victor gave her the keys to Nick’s house and wants her to move in. After, Victoria arrives, looking for Victor. Abby relays that he kicked Nick off the ranch. Nick-Abby-move-in-YR-CBSThey summon Nick, who fills them in. Vikki’s outraged, and Abby shares that Victor asked her to move into the tackhouse. Nick urges her to go for it, but Victoria points out he’s pitting his children against one another. Her head buzzes and she rushes out. Nick reassures Abby again, and reveals he’ll be living with Chelsea. Abby feels stuck in the middle. Nick advises her to move to the ranch with her eyes open.

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Lily arrives at home to Cane telling her about Reed and Mattie. He complains that Victoria’s done enough damage to their family. Lily counters that he did the damage. Cane wonders if she’s made a decision about their marriage. Mattie-Lily-advice-YR-CBSLily isn’t ready to have this conversation and reveals that her campaign was put on hold. Cane thinks they want to destroy him. Lily orders him to stop acting like the victim – Brash & Sassy’s struggling because of him – and asks him to leave. After, Mattie complains to Lily about Cane’s actions. Lily suggests that she and Reed slow things down. Mattie protests – she’s being punished for her dad’s mistakes!

At Crimson Lights, Noah notices Scott’s new look on his way out. Scott tells Sharon that Victor was impressed as well. They’re discussing how they’ll get privacy now that Tessa’s moved in, when Christine appears. The police discovered Crystal’s john found her through an ad for massage. She hopes the girl reaches out again. After, Scott tells Sharon there’s nothing Chris or the police can do right now, but there’s something he can do.

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At the Club, Chelsea tells Jordan her Nick news. He asks if she’s sure it’s what she wants. Nearby, Cane introduces himself to Ben Hochman and complains about Victoria. Ben takes a call from her, asking to meet. When he disconnects, Cane offers to help him secure Brash & Sassy. In the pool bar, Chelsea works to convince a skeptical Jordan that Nick moving in with her will be great. Down in the Club dining room, Cane smirks as Hochman walks over to greet Victoria and kisses her hand.

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