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In the tackhouse, Nick accuses Victor of being cruel. Vic informs him Christian’s up at the main house and can be picked up there; Nick is no longer living in his house. Nick-Victor-house-YR-CBSNick warns about Faith being caught in the middle. Vic taunts that he’s going to experience real life now. Nick snarls about being rejected when you don’t bow down and kiss the ring. Victor barks that he’s no longer his son. Nick thanks ‘Victor’ for cutting the strings. Vic mutters, “Ungrateful.”

At the Club, Billy snarks to Hochman that Victoria sees through him. Hochman reveals they went out dancing last night. Billy can’t believe Hochman’s interest in Victoria isn’t connected to her business. Hochman points out Billy has a live-in girlfriend and he’d be a hypocrite to expect Vikki to behave like a nun. Up at the pool bar, Cane learns Lily already took Charlie for football gear. Charlie walks off and Lily informs Cane it’s too soon for forgiveness. Cane mentions getting some things from the house, and says the Chancellor house is lonely. Lily thinks he’ll feel better when he finds a job, and warns him not to push. In the dining room, Cane meets with a headhunter and learns the specter of his exit from Brash & Sassy is problematic for potential employers. He blames Victoria. At the pool, Juliet tells Lily she’s sorry about Cane moving out. Lily senses there’s more. Juliet remarks that Cane seemed affected by her ultrasound photo, and adds she won’t hide in shame.

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In Brash & Sassy’s office, Reed complains to Victoria that she’s never home. He’s also upset she didn’t tell him Juliet was pregnant, and he was embarrassed in front of Mattie. Victoria advises him to see her a tiny bit less given all that’s happened with Cane. Reed gets a text from Mattie, inviting him over, and smiles. Later, Billy arrives and reveals he ran into Hochman, with whom she shared personal information. Vikki responds that it’s common knowledge he’s with Phyllis. She is offended that he thinks Hochman’s only interested in her business and tells him to stay out of her personal life.

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At Crimson Lights, Hilary runs into Mattie and offers to show her around the studio. Mattie assumes she’s being nice to get the scoop on her parents. Hilary insists she would never hurt her or her brother. Mattie tells her to mind her own business and keep her family off her trashy TV show.

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Jordan arrives at the penthouse and asks Chelsea for her take on Victor Newman, who may try to micromanage his shoot. Chelsea thinks Vic will respect him. Talk turns to Nick being a good guy, though Chelsea enjoys her independence. Later, Nick shows up and Chelsea is floored to hear Victor turfed him out of the tackhouse. She assures him he’ll find a new place and they’ll do up the kids’ rooms. Talk turns to how well their boys get along and Nick suggests they take the next step and move in together.

At Newman, Abby brags to Scott’s back about her successful start-up. He turns and she teases about his new look before they return to trading insults. Scott-smooth-silky-butt-kiss-YR-CBSAbby wonders if he shaved to have a silky smooth face to kiss her dad’s butt with, and Scott counters he did it for Sharon. Jordan arrives for the shoot. He and Abby commiserate on what Lily’s going through. Victor enters and notes Scott cut his beard. Abby grins that Scott wants to grow a mustache like him. Scott opines that Abby is more Victor’s ‘mini-me’. The shoot commences, with sniping throughout. After, Jordan remarks on the ‘sparks’ between Scott and Abby, but Scott says she’s as far from his type as possible. Meanwhile, Abby learns that Victor kicked Nicholas off his property, and is sad. Vic holds up a key and announces he wants her to move into the tackhouse.

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Mattie-Reed-first-kiss-YR-CBSReed arrives at Mattie’s house and is sorry to hear her dad moved out. Mattie tears up and he hugs her. Reed shares tunes that help him when he’s having a rough time. They’re sharing their first kiss when Cane arrives.

At the pool bar, Lily and Hilary clash over the commercial. Hil thinks she’s particularly snarky. Lily says if she hadn’t encouraged Juliet to file the lawsuit, her world wouldn’t be crashing down.Lily-clash-Hilary-YR-CBS Hil thinks she should be thanking her – now she knows the truth about her husband. Lily snaps that she’s vile and Jordan deserves better. Hilary advises Lily to just take Cane back as their marital drama’s affecting Mattie. Lily thinks she’s just worried about Jordan spending time with her and things aren’t as good between them as Hilary lets on.

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