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At Newman Enterprises, Victor asks Zach and Abby numerous questions about the dating app, which goes live at midnight. Impressed, he thinks Abby’s backed a winner. Zach hangs back at Victor’s request, and receives a reminder that the Mustache is very protective of his daughter.

In The Underground, Chelsea and Nick kiss and discuss Victor. Nick alludes to having his own way of dealing with his father. After, he meets with Dean, the financial advisor, and announces he’s firing him due to his connection to his father.

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Victoria runs into Nikki at the Club, and reveals she has a date later. She reports that the one time they went out, they apparently really hit it off. Nikki asks, “You’re not sure?” They sit, and Vikki shares that she hasn’t felt herself lately, but enjoyed having a man attracted to her and opened up to him – there might be something there. Nikki gets the run down on Benjamin Hochman and urges Victoria to enjoy herself. Jack-favor-Hochman-YR-CBSUp at the pool bar, Jack badgers Hochman to team up. The businessman warns he’s not interested in exploiting Victoria. Jack thinks every man has his price. Ben counters there are many companies, but only one Victoria Newman. Jack persists, and proposes hiring Hochman as a consultant to supply inside information. Hochman requires more than a paycheck. Jack would be an ally who never forgets a favor. Hochman shakes on it. Later, Nikki joins Jack. He updates her on Dina joining Jabot, and Nikki shares that Victoria has a date with Benjamin Hochman. Jack notes the guy rubbed Ashley the wrong way. Nikki is unconcerned – she’s all for it if Hochman can put a smile on Victoria’s face. Jack looks uncomfortable.

Ashley-Abby-office-YR-CBSAt Jabot, Ravi and Ashley look forward to going to the Abbott cabin tomorrow. Ash invites him to join her, Abby, and Zach at dinner…as her date. Later, Abby arrives, flushed with pleasure from Victor’s approval. She’s thrilled to hear Ash is taking Ravi to the cabin. Zach and Ravi appear and they all head out for dinner.

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At the motel, Sharon recounts to Scott what happened with Crystal, and Christine enters. Christine-sex-ring-YR-CBSShe can’t understand what Sharon was thinking. Sharon pleads her case to Chris, who lectures that she could have been hurt or kidnapped. Sharon’s unrepentant. Chris runs down what they know so far, and isn’t yet convinced they’re dealing with a sex ring.

At Chelsea’s penthouse, she gives Victoria advice on an outfit for her date. Vikki rambles that she took a hit when she realized she and Billy weren’t getting back together, and now she’s dating a businessman. Nick arrives and announces he’s taken his money from the Newman financial advisor. Victoria argues it’s unnecessary, but Nick feels it’s the principle. Victoria’s head buzzes and she leaves. Once alone, Chelsea and Nick discuss Victoria, clothes, and Victor’s possible reaction to Nick firing Dean. Nick’s unconcerned, and talks about needing to oversee his own finances. They make out.

At Sharon’s place, Noah wants to go celebrate, but Tessa’s still distracted by her phone. Mariah watches as Tessa kisses Noah and thanks him for helping her get through the recording session. Later, Sharon and Scott come in. She’s still shaken up about Crystal. Mariah and Tessa arrive. Tessa-shaken-YR-CBSSharon reveals there’s a situation with a girl from the hotline. As Sharon goes on about sex trafficking, Tessa excuses herself to check her phone. She drops her phone charger when Sharon reveals the girl’s name is Crystal. Tessa asks Sharon if she’s sure Crystal is a prostitute. Sharon confirms it and provides a description of her. Tessa tears up when Sharon talks about the man having total control over the girl.

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At The Underground, Ben loves Victoria’s look but is surprised at the venue. He angles for a private tour of Brash & Sassy, but Vikki pulls him onto the dance floor. Abby’s group arrives and takes in Victoria and Ben dancing. Vikki calls them over and introductions are made. Ashley follows Vikki to the restroom to warn Hochman can be a jerk. Victoria thinks maybe Ash is too uptight to appreciate him. Ash gasps, “Excuse me?” By the bar, Zach celebrates the app with Abby and Noah before taking a call. He tells the blonde on the other end that they launch at midnight and she knows what to do. Meanwhile, Abby eyeballs Victoria and Ben dancing, and mentions her volatile moods to Ash and Ravi. They agree that Hochman’s an ass and hope Victoria can take care of herself tonight.

At Newman, Dean reports to Victor, who muses that maybe Nick figured out what he had planned for him. Dean’s doubtful. Vic smirks about Nick’s tendency to overestimate himself…and underestimate his father.

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Victor says, “What the hell is this?” Nikki replies, “It’s my new address. I’ve moved out of the ranch.”

Tessa says, “I’m desperate, Zach. I need your help.

Jack gawps at Ashley after Ravi enters the office carrying a paddleboard and asks, “Hey Ashley. Ready to head to the lake?”

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