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At home, Lily looks at a photo of her and Cane. Abby arrives with wine. Lily presumes she heard about Cane. Abby-listen-Lily-YR-CBSAs they talk, Lily reflects that when she first met Cane, she didn’t even know his real first name, so it feels they’re back where they started. Abby counters that she admired their relationship. Lily opens up about how she’s been feeling, and talk turns to Juliet being pregnant. They agree it’s not fair. Lily cries that Juliet’s having his baby, not her. “It was never going to be me.” Abby comforts her, and urges her to take care of herself.

At Crimson Lights, Cane tells Sharon he’s doing fine. Zach approaches and asks if he’s the guy selling the car. Cane confirms it, and a deal is struck. When the app is mentioned, Cane lets Zach know he’s available for hire. Later, Sharon takes a call from Crystal who is in a hotel with a john. Sharon vows she won’t involve the police, gets Crystal’s location from her phone, and leaves. On the patio, Zach runs into Abby and they banter as he reveals he bought a new car. She isn’t sure what’s going on with them, but urges him to be forthcoming with her.

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In the Club dining room, Hilary is stunned when Juliet informs her that Lily kicked Cane out of the house. They rehash the situation. Hilary’s dismayed that Juliet feels sorry for Cane – he got her fired. Juliet shrugs that she might be angry if not for the baby. Hil doesn’t know if she’s a sucker, and opportunist, or just plain crazy. Jordan enters and Hil joins him at the bar. She’s fine with his announcement that he’ll be there for Lily as a friend. Jack-Dina-job-offer-YR-CBSMeanwhile, Jack visits Dina’s suite and tells his mother Ashley’s concerned about her having enough to do. He offers her a position at Jabot. Dina’s not interested in his charity or his pity. Jack chortles that he’s never pitied her and manages to charm her into accepting. Graham enters as Jack leaves. Dina fills Graham in, and he tells her she can’t do it. Dina insists she can take on a project or two. Graham hopes she’s right. Up at the pool bar, Cane wants to spend time with Charlie, but the teen is hostile and informs him Lily wants a divorce and is better off without him. Later, Charlie encounters Juliet and tells her if she’s drowning he’ll pull her out of the pool, but otherwise he and his sister want nothing to do with her or her kid. At a table, Jordan needles Hilary about taking the commercial – Lily could use something positive to focus on. Hil asks him to accompany her to the commercial shoot. He presumes she’s scheming to keep him away from Lily and walks out.

Tessa arrives at the recording studio with Noah, but seems have to be having second thoughts, as she tells Devon and Mariah maybe they should do this another time.Tessa-cuts-single-YR-CBS Mariah talks her down by urging her to be ‘in the moment’, but Tessa keeps glancing at her phone. Once in the booth, Tessa struggles and continues to be distracted by her phone. Devon has her put it down, but she’s still unable to focus. Mariah watches as Noah gives her a pep talk and they embrace. Tessa tries again, and her first single is cut. After, she sees she missed two calls.

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At Jabot, Ashley and Ravi discuss Dina. She explains why it would be wrong to have her there…this is John Abbott’s legacy. Ravi gets her to admit her father would want her to forgive Dina. He offers to act as a buffer, and Ashley says her mother’s his biggest fan. Ravi suggests they spend time together outside of work. Ash asks how he feels about water and invites him to the Abbott cabin. He accepts. Jack returns, and updates them on Dina coming on board for a special project. Ashley hopes she won’t let them down.

At home, Lily calls to get an extension on the twins’ tuition and learns Cane paid it in person. She phones Cane, who reveals he sold his car. Lily wishes him a good night and disconnects.

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Sharon arrives at the motel and Crystal panics, and says, “You can’t be here.” Sharon insists she’ll take her someplace safe. They’re about to exit when a thug appears at the door. Crystal blurts that Sharon’s the john’s wife – they wanted a threesome. Sharon confirms her husband left and she wants more time with the girl, but the thug grabs Crystal and drives away with her.

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