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At Brash & Sassy, Billy is taken aback when Victoria informs him she won’t be working and has plans. Billy is fishing for information when Hochman shows up to get his ‘date’. He takes a call, and Billy warns Vikki about the guy’s business practices. Victoria admits it’s a calculated risk, but she knows what she’s doing.

At Phyllis’ place, she reveals to Lauren that she met with Benjamin Hochman and got what she wanted. Lauren groans about her plan to keep Victoria busy with the venture capitalist. Billy-Phyllis-drinks-YR-CBSShe wants to work over takeout and wine, but Phyllis isn’t into it. Billy comes in and Lauren says she was just leaving. Over drinks, Billy announces that Phyllis was right about him obsessing over Brash & Sassy and works to make her feel appreciated. Billy gets a work notification that Victoria should know about, but ignores it.

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In San Francisco, Noah and Devon discuss how they’ll cross over their businesses. They head back to the room for Noah’s phone. In the hotel room, Mariah looks uncertainly at Tessa following their kiss. She stammers apologies until Tessa asks her to stop. The brunette agrees it was impulsive and they got a little carried away. Tessa notes they’re dating great people and suggests they put the kiss in a vault and keep it there. Noah and Devon arrive.Devon-Mariah-i-love-you-YR-CBS The girls exchange a look as they’re scooped up in hugs. The guys enthuse about business and are about to leave again, but Mariah has changed her mind about the punk band and suggests they have couple time instead. Everyone agrees. Noah and Tessa leave, with Devon and Mariah behind them. Later, Mariah and Devon return to the room, where she wants alone time. She tells him she loves him and they fall onto the bed kissing. At the festival venue, Noah and Tessa have lost their all access passes. Tessa talks their way in using the Newman name. Noah’s taken aback.

Outside Victor’s office, Abby and Scott realize Victor’s scheduled them for a meeting at the same time. Inside, Victor, on the phone, asks, “Is she there now? You know what to do.” Abby and Scott file in and bicker about messy offices until Victor asks for reports. Abby enthuses about the progress on her start-up project and confirms she believes in Zach. Scott snarks about her dating him. Victor prompts Scott for his update. Scott reveals he’s working on a sex ring story. Abby jumps in to say he shouldn’t be writing it himself, but Victor approves.

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Sharon spots Nick at the pool bar and joins him. When she mentions meeting Scott, Nick suggests another table. Sharon thinks Nick dislikes Scott because he’s close to Victor. Nick just wants to let it go. Sharon can’t because Faith will be back soon. Nick won’t bad mouth him to Faith. Scott arrives as they’re discussing the sex ring. Nick snarks about Scott’s instincts failing him where Victor’s concerned. Scott assures him his eyes are wide open and recounts how he grew up without a father. Nick-not-on-account-YR-CBSNearby, Victoria and Hochman sit down. They spar about his business practices. He insists he can be flexible and alludes to building personal relationships while touching her hand. He asks about her personal history and she accuses him of trying to get her to drop her guard. Vikki hears a ringing in her ears as he drones on about a partnership. Suddenly she asks if he’s ready to get out of there and they make a beeline out of the place despite Nick calling her name. A waiter informs Nick he no longer has signing privileges on the Newman account. Nick knows it’s Vic’s doing and is forced to borrow cash from Sharon. Scott gets a call from Victor about his budget and they both smirk as he fills his boss in on Nick’s situation.

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Nikki-Jack-poke-the-tiger-YR-CBSAt the Abbott cabin, Nikki teases Jack about his puny fish. Someone watches from the bushes. Over dinner, Nikki suggests they finally talk about the elephant in the room. Jack wonders if the elephant has a mustache. He shares that some suspect he’s with her to bother Victor. Nikki takes umbrage to that and they agree they’re happy spending time together. Jack realizes he’s poking the tiger, though not on purpose, and won’t be offended if it’s too stressful for Nikki. She reassures him. They wonder about going public and someone watches as they kiss.

Hochman-Victoria-jump-YR-CBSIn a suite, Victoria throws back red wine and tells Hochman, who’s concerned he comes on too strong, that talk is cheap. Hochman looks like he can’t believe his luck as she jumps on him, and kisses him hungrily while undoing his shirt buttons.

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Cane says to Juliet, “It’s inevitable that we’ll run into each other around here, so you might as well hear this from me.”

Billy tells Phyllis, “I’m trying to get ahold of Victoria, guess she’s getting a jumpstart on the day.”

Victoria wakes up in bed next to Hochman.

Hilary tells Jack, “She spent the night with Benjamin Hochman.”

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