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Abby-Victor-blessing-YR-CBSAt Newman, Abby hugs Victor and updates him on business. Victor reveals that Hilary aired the footage of him punching Nick with his blessing. Abby’s stunned, but Victor explains that Nick admitted sabotaging the show on the tape. Abby fills her father in on Victoria’s break down over Brash & Sassy’s troubles. Vic thanks her for telling him.

In the Club dining room, Chelsea is glad she found Victoria as she’s concerned about Nick’s relationship with Victor. Victoria sighs that they’ve been in this place before, and suggests she give him time.

At the pool bar, Nick catches up with Nikki. He’s taken aback to hear she’s got plans with Jack at the Abbott cabin, but then urges her to go for it.

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At Jabot, Benjamin Hochman tells Gloria it’s wonderful to see her again, then meets with Jack. Ashley enters and announces that whatever Hochman’s selling, they’re not buying. Hochman placates Ash, then proposes investing in Jabot for a stake. Jack-Ashley-warned-YR-CBSJack and Ashley refuse and he leaves. Gloria enters with a fishing pole for Jack’s cabin adventure with Nikki, and exits in a snit. Ashley thinks Glo’s jealous, but Jack insists she’s involved with Graham. Ash shares her concern that Dina is depressed. Talk turns to Jack’s dalliance with Nikki. Ash warns Victor will punish him and advises him to tread lightly. Elsewhere, Phyllis has a question for Ravi that concerns Brash & Sassy and reveals she’s trying to save her relationship. She wonders if he has a qualified friend that can ease the workload down there. Ravi can’t deliver. Phyllis runs into Hochman, and arranges to meet for a chat later. Ravi opines that the guy is a snake.

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At the Club, Dina informs Graham she can’t stop thinking about the dangerous game Jack’s playing with Nikki Newman. Graham takes a call from Gloria, who reveals her boss is heading to the cabin with his new lover, and sets up a date.

At The Underground, Chelsea joins Nick, who’s with his man, Dean, bidding on properties for the expansion. Dean leaves. Nick and Chelsea canoodle and have sex in the office. Nick gets a call from Dean – he was outbid on both buildings he wanted.

In Victor’s office, he tells Dean he sounded very convincing and to keep him apprised of Nick’s actions.

At Brash & Sassy, Victoria takes a call from Victor, and learns Abby told him of her troubles. She disconnects and calls someone. She needs to see them as soon as possible. Abby arrives and she confronts her about talking to Victor. Abby was just concerned and is pleased that her sister confided in her.

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Jack-Nikki-jammed-reel-YR-CBAt the Abbott cabin, Jack shares childhood memories from the spot with Nikki, and notes Dina wasn’t there often. He brushes aside Nikki’s sympathy and says it’s time to make new memories. Jack exits to get some nightcrawlers and returns to find Nikki’s jammed the reel. She confesses she’s never fished in her life. They laugh and kiss, and someone snaps a photograph from outside.

At Jabot, Dina confides to Ashley that she’s feeling cast aside. Ash grills her about why she sold Mergeron. Dina admits she misses working and might be a little depressed. Ravi enters and Dina scoots. Ash updates him on Dina’s admission and decides she’ll find her something to do to feel useful.

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By the pool bar, Phyllis informs Hochman she may have an investment for him – Brash & Sassy may need cash – but he didn’t hear it from her. Intrigued, Hochman questions how best to approach Victoria. Phyllis shares that Ms. Newman’s single, and suggests they might hit it off. Hochman phones Vikki and sets up a dinner meeting.

In San Francisco, Mariah closes the hotel room door against the sound of Tessa’s laughter. Devon appears and remarks on Mariah not joining him in the shower. She claims she was distracted, but enthuses about the trip. Mariah-Tessa-first-kiss-YR-CBTessa and Noah join them. Mariah diverts her eyes when they kiss. Mariah suggests seeing a Norwegian punk band, and Tessa agrees to accompany her. The guys leave for a meeting. Tessa thinks Mariah seems off. Mariah learns things are progressing nicely with Tessa and Noah and opens up about her own situation. She likes Devon well enough, but is struggling with who she is and what she wants. Tessa touches Mariah’s shoulder – she’ll help any way she can. Mariah turns and moves in close. She places her hand on the nape of Tessa’s neck and they kiss.

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Hochman says to Victoria, “It’s all about the personal relationships that you nurture to mutual benefit,” as he places his hand over hers.

Nikki says, “We should talk about the elephant in the room.” Jack smirks. “Does that elephant have a mustache?”

Noah and Devon return and hug Tessa and Mariah, who exchange a look over their boyfriends’ shoulders.

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