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At Cane and Lily’s place, Victoria and Billy reveal the details of Cane’s dealings with Jesse. Billy tells Lily he’s sorry, and it comes out that Cane paid Jesse $25,000 today. Lily-dont-know-you-YR-CBSOnce Billy and Victoria go, Lily, choked up, says she doesn’t even know who Cane is anymore. She confronts him about using the twins’ school money to pay off his blackmailer and lying to her face. Cane’s hated himself for every lie, but was scared to lose her. Lily spits, “Stop using that as an excuse.” As he pleads, Lily cries – she can’t take it anymore. Disgusted, she rants about him putting himself and his fears first, and orders him to pack his bags and go. “Just get out!”

In the Club dining room, Phyllis works to sell Lauren on the idea of Chelsea designing exclusively for Fenmore’s. Lauren-cautious-Phyllis-YR-CBSLauren warns she has to be cautious, and they shudder at how close they came to making a deal with shyster Benjamin Hochman. Talk turns to Brash & Sassy’s troubles. Phyllis confides that Victoria and Billy work 15 hour days to keep it afloat, and ‘her majesty’ doesn’t mind one bit. Later, Victoria and Billy arrive and worry about Lily. Vikki is glad she knows, but feels it’s awful her family’s falling to pieces. Nearby, Phyllis sees Lauren off and watches the duo interact. Phyllis joins them and Billy offers Vikki a ride home with them. She assures Phyllis she’s feeling fine and laughs at Billy fussing over her.

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At Crimson Lights, Reed lets Mattie know he prefers her to his groupies. Charlie appears, and calls a truce with Reed. On the patio, Sharon, Scott, and Paul discuss the situation with Crystal. Sharon feels responsible for her safety and implores Paul to help her find the girl…tonight. Paul puts out a dispatch on her. Sharon laments Crystal being forced into prostitution. Scott wants to help Sharon make a difference by writing about it. Mattie-Charlie-Juliet-confrontation-YR-CBSInside, Charlie recognizes Juliet from the pool bar. Reed asks Mattie why her brother’s talking to her. They walk over. Reed identifies Juliet as the one who sued his mom, and Mattie pipes up, “And the one our dad got pregnant.” Juliet tries to make nice with ‘the wonder twins’, but they all gang up on her. Juliet’s sorry they got hurt. Outside, Lauren arrives and teases Scott about whether he’s moved out. He talks up Sharon’s work on the hotline, and Paul heads off with Lauren to catch up. Sharon and Scott canoodle. In a booth, Paul snickers that Lauren’s involvement in Scott’s love life reminds him of his mother. Lauren denies being like Mary Williams. Paul relays that he’s proud of Sharon and urges Lauren to cut her some slack. At the counter, Scott assures Sharon he won’t be insensitive when reporting on Crystal. When Paul leaves, Sharon gifts Lauren with a dozen brownies, and she in turn, extends a dinner invitation. Scott and Sharon are pleased with ‘baby steps’. Sharon adds, “Go Paul.”

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At the pool bar, Zack makes Abby laugh with a story. She’s put out when he asks about her family’s upheaval, but assures him that she’s in Victor’s good books. Abby-Victoria-lean-on-YR-CBSZack, in turn, reveals he grew up in Chicago, but cuts off to take a call and then has to run. Abby spots Victoria, who seems stressed out, and offers to listen. Vikki fills her in on the whole sordid story and breaks down over keeping the company afloat and feeling so alone. Abby holds her. Victoria mops her nose and thanks her sister before leaving.

At home, Billy has updated Phyllis on the revelations about Cane and goes on and on about everything that happened as a result. Phyllis wants to move on and declares the apartment a Brash & Sassy-free zone. Billy apologizes, but until the company’s back on track, his job has to be his life.

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A tearful Lily sits up on the sofa when the twins arrive at home. They want to know what’s wrong. Cane appears with his bags and husks that it’s best he leaves for now. The twins understand Lily needs space and support that. Cane starts heading out for the Chancellor house and chokes up hoping for forgiveness. “I’ll always love you.” The kids rally around their mother. Outside, Cane sobs.

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