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At home, Cane stews about Jesse’s blackmail call as Mattie and Charlie bicker. Cane learns Mattie went to a movie, but she doesn’t say with whom. Jesse-Mattie-door-YR-CBSCharlie leaves and Cane tells Mattie he had a job prospect but Victoria Newman, who’s as ruthless as her father, killed his chance. The doorbell rings – it’s Jesse. Cane pretends he’s a friend until Mattie’s gone. Jesse reveals he kept the footage and demands his money. Cane protests, but Jesse’s unimpressed and wants payment by tonight. Once alone, Cane goes on the laptop and checks the $29,000 balance in the twins’ school account and exhales.

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Hamilton-Winters-logo-YR-CBSDevon and Neil admire their logo on the wall in their new Club-based headquarters. They receive a fruit basket from Dina and discuss Hilary still having a suite there. Devon justifies keeping things civil, but Neil thinks he still has feelings, which is a problem if Mariah noticed too. Mattie shows up to intern, and Devon leaves her with Neil, who is overwhelmed at how over-qualified she is for the position.

At the pool bar, Billy informs Reed that Victoria fell at the concert and needs to avoid stress. Reed thinks it’s cool Billy still cares. Talk turns to Mattie. Reed’s not sure what’s going on between them and reflects that his mom firing her dad isn’t helpful. Sitting at the bar, Jordan reassures Lily about the commercial. She unloads about the tension at home – she’s running on empty. Charlie appears and compliments Jordan’s work. After, Jordan says Lily has a chill kid. Lily notes Mattie’s not as chill, but she’s strong. She hates them being dragged into this mess. Nearby, Charlie gets in Reed’s face about complicating his sister’s life – if he cares about her, he should break up with her. Reed doesn’t care what Charlie wants and texts Mattie, who soon appears. Reed tattles on Charlie, and Mattie reports Reed’s mother kept her father from getting a job. Reed has trouble believing it. Mattie turns down his invitation to The Underground. Meanwhile, Billy joins Lily and Jordan to rehash the problems caused by the hockey footage.

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Nick stops in at the coffeehouse and tells Sharon his new slogan is ‘go big or go home’, revealing that he and Noah have partnered to expand The Underground into college towns. Sharon suspects her ex’s new lease on life stems from his altercation with Victor. Sharon-Paul-sex-ring-YR-CBSNick doesn’t deny it. Talk turns to Noah dating Tessa. Sharon’s okay with her, but Nick still worries she might be trouble in a pretty package. After, Paul and Sharon discuss the sex ring. He coaches Sharon to get a lead on Crystal’s location if she calls back. They fret over the sinister goings-on in sex rings and Sharon worries it could be happening in their own backyard.

At GC Buzz, Mariah is thinking about her close encounter with Tessa on the sofa when Tessa arrives. Mariah is ready for their trip, but Tessa first has something to confess – she’s never been on a plane. Mariah reassures her about the private jet. Tessa can’t believe this is her life. They share what they like and love so much about one another and Mariah awkwardly brings up Noah.

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At The Underground, Nick enthuses about the expansion and assures Noah he’ll provide the funding. Nick-Noah-bicker-Tessa-YR-CBSNick mentions Noah’s trip with Tessa, and they bicker about whether she could be a gold-digger. Noah, defensive, wonders how they’re supposed to partner when Nick doesn’t even trust his judgement about the women he dates. Mariah and Tessa awkwardly appear, and they all make nice about the festival. Nick meets with his man about liquidating some cash to fund the partnership as Devon arrives and the foursome leaves for the festival.

Lily arrives at home and is upset to learn Barry hasn’t called. She laments that they weren’t smarter with their savings account. Cane insists he’ll fix everything and pulls her into a hug, closing his laptop simultaneously.

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Billy spots Jesse at Crimson Lights and confronts him. Jesse shrugs – he just did the job he was paid to do. Billy grills him. Jesse checks his empty bank account before asking Billy what he wants to know, and how much it’s worth to him.

Next on The Young and the Restless:

A girl on a payphone says, “I think they followed me.” Sharon, on the hotline, says, “Who followed you?” The girl hangs up and Sharon urgently asks, “Crystal?”

Hilary says to Jordan, “I got it!” Jordan asks, “The one that Lily auditioned for?” Hilary confirms it. “Yeah. The very same.”

Lily says to Mattie, “I’m going to email him now before I forget.” As she reaches for the laptop, Cane blurts, “Don’t touch that!”

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