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Billy-Chelsea-poolside-YR-CBSAt the pool bar, Chelsea spots Billy and Johnny and reflects that letting him and Victoria raise the boy was a solid decision. Billy mutters about them divorcing, but Chelsea’s unbothered. Talk turns to Nick being good with Connor. Billy muses if you don’t have family, you don’t have anything.

At Brash & Sassy, Vikki fibs about going to Jack, and Cane wonders why her lies are more acceptable than his. Victoria comes clean and confronts him about planning to share their secrets with Jabot. Cane accuses her of trying to blackball him. Vikki calls him a liar and a cheater who betrayed the company and his family. Cane counters she’s a stone cold bitch. Vikki orders him out.

At home, Charlie apologizes to his mother for being mean to her. She admits she’s disappointed in his father, but you don’t just give up on a marriage. Charlie doesn’t want her staying with Cane for his and Mattie’s sake. Later, Cane arrives and recounts his run-in with Victoria to Lily, who reveals she contacted Barry for extra work. Cane’s a bit put out, but hopes she gets the commercial.

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In the Underground, Noah and Nick disagree about how to proceed with the expansion. Noah wonders if Nick wants out. Nick fends off a reporter asking about his fight with Victor, which strengthens his resolve to partner with Noah, who is stoked. Nearby, Devon assures Tessa he’s okay with her joining him and Mariah at the concert. Mariah suggests she bring Noah. Tessa joins Noah at the bar and enthuses about the expansion before inviting him to the concert. Mariah-Devon-put-out-YR-CBSMeanwhile, Devon admits to Mariah he intended the concert to be the two of them, though he’s fine with the change in plans. Later, Chelsea shows up and flirts with Nick, who reveals he’s opening a chain of bars with Noah. Chelsea worries it’s about the fight, but Nick reassures her. They talk about being one another’s family and kiss. Elsewhere, Mariah and Tessa plan to go exploring alone on the trip. Once with their respective others, they downplay the romantic aspects of going to San Francisco.

Jesse, a cameraman, arrives at GC Buzz looking for Howard. Jesse-camerman-hire-YR-CBSHilary takes his resume and is set to hire him when Jordan enters and announces, “It’s a real bad idea to be talking to this guy.” Hil learns he’s the guy behind the hockey footage and that Cane brought him in, and rescinds her offer. After, Hilary tells Jordan she’s thinking of expanding into acting. This prompts Jordan to hope Lily gets the commercial. Hil snarks she shouldn’t count on it, and admits to being a little envious. Talk turns to their relationship. They agree they don’t want their hearts broken and will have each other’s backs.

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Mattie-Reed-movie-YR-CBSIn Crimson Lights, Reed and Mattie canoodle after a movie. Charlie enters and looks displeased. On the patio, Jesse the cameraman phones Cane, who hangs up on him. Reed and Mattie chat nearby.

In his kitchen, Cane says goodnight to Lily after disconnecting from Jesse. Later, outside, Reed kisses Mattie goodnight and leaves. Charlie appears and gripes that Reed’s mother fired their father and says, “Dump him.” Inside, Cane is back on the phone with Jesse, who wants $25,000 in return for his continued silence about the edited footage. Cane promises to get it together. Jesse informs him he’ll pick it up in person.

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At the hospital, Victoria tells her doctor about her fall, headaches, and fainting spell. He orders a CT scan. The results are clear and the doctor lectures her about taking care of herself. In the hallway, Victoria runs into Juliet, who just saw her and Cane’s baby for the first time. She tries to make amends with Victoria and remarks that if it weren’t for the hockey footage, she’d still have a job. Vikki warns her not to count on Ashby and walks off.

Vikki joins Billy at the pool bar and updates him on Cane’s visit to the lab. Billy is prepared to defend her honor. She doesn’t want him escalating matters, but wishes Juliet and Cane would leave town. They rehash the hockey footage screw-up. Vikki marvels it was the only problem that didn’t involve Cane.

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At the Ashby’s door, Mattie asks Jesse, “Can I help you?” Cane appears, looking concerned.

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