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At Jabot, Ravi admires Ashley’s ‘glow’ and they talk about her spa day and Dina acting distracted. In Jack’s office, he phones his mother to invite her to dinner. She struggles to recall if she has plans, but agrees. Phyllis-Victoria-elevator-YR-CBSJack spots Ash, who decides to join him. He’s glad to have a buffer with Dina. Down in Brash & Sassy’s office, Billy and Phyllis canoodle until she has to go back upstairs. In the elevator, she discovers Victoria lying unconscious. Vikki comes around and claims she forgot to eat. She swears a concerned Phyllis to secrecy and walks off. Vikki joins Billy in her office and updates him on her confrontation with Jack. He admires her tactics. Vikki comes clean about fainting and assures him she’s seeing her doctor. Billy will watch the kids and asks her to update him. She’s happy he cares. They hug. At Jabot, Phyllis tells Jack that Victoria fainted after leaving him, but it’s a secret. Jack rants about doing Phyllis’ dirty work by going after Brash & Sassy and then toys with his ex by suggesting Victoria fainted because she’s pregnant.

In the Club dining room, Dina asks Graham to stay and be a buffer between her and Jack.Dina-Graham-Jack-Ashley-dinner-YR-CBS Later, Ashley and Jack join the pair, and pleasantries are exchanged. Ashley talks to Dina about missing Mergeron, and Dina claims to be content. Talk turns to the Abbott cabin. Dina recalls playing a trivia game there. Ash doesn’t remember it, but Jack does. Dina wows the group by naming all of the Kardashians, but when the wine arrives, she doesn’t remember what they chose only moments before. After dinner, Dina accepts an invitation to the cabin, but Graham reminds her she is booked. Ash calls Ravi and worries her mother has depression.

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Jordan arrives at GC Buzz and crows about Hilary knocking out the competition – she should be proud. He relays that the fallout from what Cane did is still falling as it’s causing ongoing difficulties for Lily. Talk turns to keeping the buzz going on Hilary’s show. She jokes that he’s her life coach and they kiss.

In their living room, Cane tells Lily he figures Victoria put the kibosh on Jack’s plan to hire him. He agonizes over how much he needed the job as Lily urges him to stay positive. Cane beats himself up and Lily talks about getting the twins back into a routine. She urges him to visit Charlie at work. Once alone, Lily calls someone to talk. Her agent, Barry, arrives and Lily asks him to put her up for auditions. Barry has a commercial if she can get someone to record her audition now. She calls Jordan, who assures her Hilary would be happy to let her do it at GC Buzz.

At the pool bar, Charlie moves a chair for Juliet, who thinks he looks familiar. The kid brings Juliet a towel and refuses a tip. Cane-Juliet-Charlie-chatting-pool-bar-YR-CBSAfter, Cane arrives in time to see the duo chatting. Charlie isn’t thrilled to see his dad and goes back to work. Cane approaches Juliet, who protests she had no idea that was his son, but hopes their child grows up to be just as well-adjusted. Cane is snarky, but she wants to be friends again. They bicker about him getting fired and not being able to put food on the table. Cane confides that he suspects Victoria torpedoed his job offer at Jabot. Juliet urges him to fight back.

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In her studio, Hilary reminds Jordan that she and Lily hate each other, but he’s unbothered. Lily-Hilary-make-nice-YR-CBSLily arrives. She’s grateful for using the space, and Hilary makes nice in return – she admires Lily for sticking by Cane and hopes they make it. Lily tapes the flirtatiously toned commercial numerous times until Jordan says she nailed it. Once alone, Hilary picks up the script and makes a sexy recording of herself reading it.

Lily sends in her audition at home, and Charlie enters complaining about Cane wanting to pretend everything’s okay.

Cane arrives at Brash & Sassy and confronts Victoria about trying to destroy his life. By the elevator, Phyllis meets Billy and learns Victoria told him about fainting. She looks forward to spending time with kids, but Billy feels it was presumptuous to have her in Vikki’s house and will catch up with her later.

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Noah says to Nick, “If you want to rethink this partnership, you need to tell me now.”

At the hospital, Victoria asks, “Is Cane here?” Juliet replies, “No he’s not here, but I just saw our baby for the first time.”

Cane gets a call from the videographer from Hollywood, who says, “Hey Cane, it’s Jesse, your favorite cameraman. I need your help.”

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