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At Jabot, Jack tells Phyllis that Cane offered to reveal the inner workings of Brash & Sassy in return for a job. Jack enthuses about hiring him, while Phyllis downplays her role in it and turns his attention to the Nick and Victor footage. In the elevator, Victoria encounters Cane and guesses he met with Jack. Cane says he’s free to meet with whomever he chooses. In her office, Vikki pops a painkiller as Billy arrives. She updates him on Cane interviewing for a Jabot position. Billy frets, while Victoria rants about Jack ruining her life and updates him on his dalliance with Nikki. Billy thinks Jack’s playing with fire. Vikki can’t control Nikki’s love life, but won’t let Jack harm her company. She marches up to Jabot and warns Jack he doesn’t want to do this. They spar verbally about his plan to hire Cane. Victoria warns it could hurt Jack personally – her mother won’t want to rekindle a romance with a man out to ruin her daughter’s company. Meanwhile, Phyllis joins Billy at Brash & Sassy, where they discuss Jack’s plan to hire Cane. Phyllis tells him she can’t help, and opines that Vikki’s tough enough to take care of herself. Billy grouses about Jack’s underhanded business tactics.

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At Lily’s place, Devon tells her he and Neil won’t be hiring Cane. Lily shrugs it off. Devon enquires how she’s holding up. Cane-plead-case-YR-CBSLily muses that Cane needs to contribute and shares that the twins know everything. Cane arrives, and Devon exits quickly even though Cane has no hard feelings about not being offered a job. Lily learns about Cane’s prospects at Jabot and that Jack is fascinated with what he has to offer. After a silence, Lily opines that Cane would be declaring war on Victoria and Billy, who are still her bosses. Cane pleads his case and seeks her support. Lily sighs; she’ll support him accepting Jack’s offer. Cane gets a call from Jack, who can’t offer him a job after all, as it would have personal repercussions he hadn’t considered. Deflated, Cane informs Lily he didn’t get the job.

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Victoria watches Jack disconnect from Cane, and exits his office. In the elevator, she feels woozy and collapses.

At GC Buzz, Nick confronts Hilary about airing the footage of him and Victor, and threatens to sue. Hilary is unbothered. Nick keeps complaining.Nick-threaten-Hilary-YR-CBS Hilary reminds him they were hired to cover the event; that’s what they did. Nick warns she’s messing with the wrong family – Victor will make you pay. Hilary informs him Vic gave her permission to air the footage and texted her a ‘thumbs up’ afterward. Nick mutters about his father humiliating him and using Hil to do it. Hilary defends her program and offers to interview him. Nick snarks that people like her give journalists a bad name. Devon enters and sticks up for his ex-wife. Nick goes. Hilary thanks Devon, who remarks on how far she’s come. Mariah appears. Devon reveals he got them concert tickets, and Hilary gives her the time off to attend.

Tessa thanks Noah for opening the Underground early for her, and presents him with an Underground t-shirt that touts the bar going nationwide. They kiss.Tessa-reassure-Mariah-YR-CBS Noah shows her the footage of his dad and grandfather. She gapes over it as Nick enters. Tessa goes to practice in the office and Nick defends his actions at Nikki’s event. Noah’s supportive, and then brings up his business proposal. Nick hears him out, but warns of the risks of expansion. Mariah appears – she feels awful about the footage. Nick doesn’t blame her, and goes to apologize to Devon for his attitude at the studio. Devon understands Hilary can make people crazy. Noah leaves Mariah with Tessa, who reassures her. Mariah reveals Devon surprised her with concert tickets. Tessa’s jealous about the bands they’re seeing, so Mariah proposes to Devon that they bring her along. Nearby, Noah and Nick agree to do the expansion together, and embrace.

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Hilary walks into Crimson Lights and immediately assures Sharon she had Victor’s permission to air the footage involving Nick. Sharon’s skeptical, and confronts Hilary about messing with Mariah, and now Nick. She warns Hil to watch herself and orders her out.

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Jack says to Phyllis, “It seem to me, I’m kind of doing your dirty work here. If they spend less time together it certainly makes things nicer for you, doesn’t it?”

Jordan tells Hilary the fallout from what Cane did is still falling. Hil asks, “There’s more?”

Cane watches as Charlie encounters Juliet at the pool bar.

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