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At GC Buzz, Mariah and Hilary spar over the choice to air the Newman rumble. Mariah is sure that Hilary will be sent packing once she airs and puts dibs on her dressing room.

Nick is at Crimson Lights, chatting with Sharon about Faith. It’s probably good that she’s at camp while the family tension is high. They discuss him being disowned. Meanwhile, Scott bumps into Abby. He’s looking for Victor. They sit down and bicker about her family issues. He pushes for information but she’s unhelpful. She gets a text from her mom and walks off. Scott heads over to Sharon and Nick. He drops Victor’s name and Nick takes off. Scott and Sharon make plans.

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Jack and Gloria bicker-YR-HWJack arrives at Jabot and Gloria is waiting for him with coffee. They head to his office and discuss the fundraiser. He explains he left early with Nikki and Dina was less than pleased. Gloria doesn’t look pleased either. She lets him know that she has plans with Graham and shuts the door. Meanwhile, Ashley calls Dina and asks her to spend the day at the spa with Abby. By the elevators, Ravi apologizes to Ashley if he’s stepped over any boundaries with her mother. Ash thanks him for being a friend and says she’ll be watching her mom.

At the GCPD, Sharon is working at the crisis hotline. A woman named Crystal calls to say she’s been having sex for money and someone won’t let her stop. Sharon offers to send her a social worker. Crystal hangs up. Sharon tells Paul and Scott about this. Scott thinks Crystal could be part of a sex ring that Christine mentioned.

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Sharon and Scott have a drink at the Club. She worries about Crystal and tells him about her teenage pregnancy and being raped by Matt Clark. She didn’t know how to ask for help. He says she’s the bravest person he’s ever met.

Nick, Nikki and Victoria watch GC Buzz-YR-CBSVictoria is at her mom’s and Nikki tells her about going away with Jack and sleeping in separate bedrooms. Victoria needles her for not opening up about her MS flare up. She wishes her mom would go back to Victor and they could all go back to how things were. Nikki reminds her things were bad before and Victor decided to walk away from her this time. She needs to move on. Her daughter starts venting about the problems at work… and Billy moving in with Phyllis. Nick joins them and fills them in on how lousy things are with his dad. He’s okay with that but can’t handle things being wrong between them. Victoria doesn’t want any lectures from him. Nikki asks him to stay and watch the “Hilary Hour.” They put it on and are shocked when the parking garage footage airs. Mariah tries to downplay but Hilary plays it up and airs the footage again.

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At GC Buzz, Hilary gets a thumbs-up text from Victor.

Ashley and Abby bond with Dina-YR-CBSCane finds Neil at the Club and asks if he’s considered giving him a job. Neil explains that he and Devon talked it over and decided against it. Cane understands. He tells him how determined he is to get the family back on track. He’s not sure what to do about the kids. Neil knows the feeling and wishes him good luck. Across the room, Gloria has lunch with Graham and wonders if Dina knows he’s having lunch with a ‘new friend’. He explains they don’t discuss everything. They make plans. Up in the spa, Ashley, Abby and Dina relax. Dina starts teasing them about their dating lives. Dina encourages her to enjoy Ravi more. She certainly has no trouble enjoying young men. The cucumbers slices pop off Ash and Abby’s eyes. Dina starts talking about how long her days are without work. They make plans to do this again.

Cane joins Jack in his office. He appreciates Jack calling him over. It becomes clear that Jack is looking for the scoop on Brash & Sassy. Cane gives him some information and Jack gives him a ‘precursor of an offer’. They shake hands and smirk.

Next on The Young and the Restless:

“Your dad may not have a use for me but Jack Abbott is fascinated by what I have to offer,” Cane tells Lily.

“There was Jack just waiting to swoop in and take advantage,” Victoria says. “Just like he’s about to do with Cane,” adds Billy.

“I’m going to sue you and shut this place down,” Nick tells Hilary.

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