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Neil is at Lily’s. She tells him how the kids have taken the news and how the family will survive. He wonders if that includes Cane. She knows things will never be the same but loves him. He’s proud of her strength through all of this.

Billy and Phyllis are having dinner at the Club. She suggests they go dancing but he needs to go back to work. He worries Cane will try to damage the company. His work needs to be his life right now. Victoria calls him to the office. Left alone, Phyllis curses Cane for screwing things up. Across the room, Cane meets with Devon, who is not impressed by the excuses he’s making for his screw-ups. Cane asks for a job. Devon will have to talk it over with Neil. Later, Neil joins Devon and tells him about Cane’s request. He’s the last person to judge someone for lying about sex and doesn’t think they can turn their backs on their own family. Neil thinks they need to think this through completely. It’s better not to bring family problems into the business. Devon agrees.

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Abby gives Jack a warning-YR-CBSIn Jack’s office at Jabot, Abby lectures him for kissing Nikki. She threatens to tell Victor. He tells her to go ahead. They already split up. She doesn’t want to get caught in the crossfire of another family war and warns him not to make her choose a side. Once she’s gone, Phyllis shows up. She and Jack discuss the Cane issue and cheating spouses. He decides to give Cane a call and wonders why Phyllis has brought this to him. Jack assumes she wants him to bring Brash & Sassy down. Once she leaves, he calls Cane and leaves a message.

At Brash & Sassy, Victoria is calling around for a new exec. Billy arrives and makes promises about how they can turn things around. He likes the place better without Cane and tells her about his brother’s bid to buy the place. Before Victoria can swear, Abby shows up. Lily follows and Billy takes her aside. She has some offers for side work and could use the money. He encourages her to go ahead. Meanwhile, Abby apologizes to Victoria for knocking her over. As Abby talks, Victoria hears a loud buzzing. When that ends, Abby tattles about the Jack and Nikki kiss. She’s worried there could be another family war. Victoria tells her to stay out of family issues. Abby storms out. Billy returns and Victoria fills him in and rants about Jack. She accuses him of being just like his brother and then the buzzing noise returns.

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Howard and Hilary are eager to air the footage-YR-CBSHoward and Hilary are editing video at GC Buzz and excited that they can air Victor punching Nick. She wanders across the room to give Mariah more relationship advice. That’s not appreciated. The redhead repeats that she doesn’t feel threatened by her. Hilary doubts it and details her sex habits with her ex. Tessa watches as they bicker. Hilary finally goes back to work and Tessa tells Mariah not to let Hilary get to her. Tessa tells her about her heart to heart with Noah. Hilary gives her the creeps so she suggests they leave. Before they can, Hilary rushes over to tell Tessa how great her performance was. Tessa starts going on about the spark between Mariah and Devon. She’s going to write a song about it. Cringing Hilary walks away and Mariah thanks her friend.

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Cane returns home and tells his wife about his meeting. His hopes aren’t high. Lily makes it clear that she’s hurt but still loves him. They embrace. She wants to keep their family together. With some awkwardness, they make out. Before they can have sex on the couch, she leaps away and reminds him there’s another woman carrying his child.

At Crimson Lights, Charlie blames Reed’s mother for his family problems. Mattie runs in and gets between them when Charlie gets rough. She sends her brother away and then suggests that Reed stay away from her too. He tries talking her around and they discuss parent problems. Mattie tells him about fate and the connection she feels with him. They hold hands. Her brother watches.

Next on The Young and the Restless:

“Take my advice: younger men ask for so little and give so much,” Dina advises Abby and Ashley.

The footage of Victor punching Nick airs. Nikki’s jaw drops as she watches with her son. “It looks like father and son have a very different relationship from what they show the public,” Hilary comments.

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