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Nick drops by his mom’s to check on her. She’s not happy after the debacle at the benefit. When he claims he tried to sabotage it to protect the family, she accuses him of talking like his father. She wonders how much he’s been trying to stir things up. They discuss Victor walking out on her. She’s sick of pretending and is going to focus on herself from now on. They agree not to fight like this again.

Mariah bumps into Tessa at Crimson Lights and they discuss their man issues. Mariah says she’s been too needy and Devon proved that he’s an amazing guy. Tessa explains Noah wants to get closer and how honest he is with her. They’re happy for each other.

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Howard and Hilar debate airing the footage-YR-CBSAt GC Buzz, Hilary and Howard watch their footage of Nick and Victor fighting. Howard is eager to use it and insists they’ve done nothing shady. She doesn’t want Victor as an enemy. The mustache calls and instructs her to air as much of the material as she likes. Howard is baffled. Hilary is speechless. They decide to run with the story. Mariah interrupts and tells them they can’t air it. Hilary says they have permission. The other woman accuses her of throwing herself at Devon at the party. Hilary accuses her of being insecure. They keep bickering and Hilary says Devon’s passion for her was a once in a lifetime thing. She insists that she and Devon still want each other. Mariah says she’s pitiful.

Ravi and Ashley go to the Club. They discuss her mom referring to him as Graham. She thinks she needs to observe her more.

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Jack and Dina figth about Nikki-YR-CBSDina slaps Jack for reminding her that she didn’t respect marriage vows. They both apologize to each other and then she complains about him ‘abandoning’ her. He knows what that feels like. That stings her. There are more apologizes. She hopes he doesn’t make the same mistake she did. He insists he’s just trying to help a friend and hopes that they can spend more time together. Jack is just trying to hold onto what he has. Once he’s gone, Abby drops by. She tells Dina about throwing a drink and knocking over Victoria. Dina gives her a high five. They chat some more and hug. Once alone, Dina calls her broker to say she wants to buy some biotech stocks.

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Victor thanks Noah for his help-YR-CBSVictor drops by Underground to see Noah and thanks him for his help at the benefit. Noah asks about his problems with Nick. Victor explains that Nick sabotaged the concert. When Nick arrives, his son tries to keep the peace. Victor sends him away and bickers with Nick. The mustache thinks he’s been too forgiving with him. His son tells him to keep his money and power. Victor asks him to see how far he gets without him as his father.

Jack and Ashley are in his office at Jabot, arguing about him leaving with Nikki. She tells him about their mom acting confused and he tells her about Dina slapping him. Ash can barely conceal her discomfort about his possible reunion with Nikki. Later, Nikki arrives and tells Jack how great she’s feeling since Victor walked out. He tells her about getting slapped. She laughs. As they kiss, Abby walks in and makes a face. “Seriously?” she asks. Nikki leaves Jack with a smile. Abby’s jaw drops and she slams the door. Meanwhile, Ashley runs into Ravi in the hall and tells him about her conversation with Jack. The physical violence seems out of character.

Noah joins Tessa at Crimson Lights and talks about his dad and grandfather. They discuss Noah’s dreams for the future.

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“Victor packs quite a punch,” Hilary observes. “Everybody’s definitely staying tuned through the commercial break to see what comes after that,” says Howard.

“We’re going to pull together as a family,” Lily says. “Does this family include Cane?” Neil asks.

“That sounds like a threat Abby,” Jack says. “Don’t make me choose,” Abby warns.

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