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Mariah and Tessa are at Sharon’s. Mariah apologizes for blubbering about Devon. Tessa wonders if she’s going to tell him what she told her. The redhead is embarrassed by how much she wants to mean something to Devon. Getting passionate, Tessa tells her how incredible she is and strokes her hair. They share a long glance until Devon and Noah interrupt with coffee. Noah takes Tessa away for breakfast and Devon hopes he can have dinner with Mariah later. He’s picking up a vibe though. She feels like Hilary comes first with him. He insists he’s over her. She’s unconvinced and thinks he started dating her to give his ex ‘a cow’. She asks how he really feels. Taking her hand, he says she helped him find happiness and builds him up every day. Mariah agrees to be by his side.

Nikki looks out the window of the Abbott cabin. Jack finds her and she explains how much better she’s feeling. She thanks him for getting her out of Genoa City. He tells her how great the news coverage of the benefit was. She says it was all a lie. Jack makes breakfast and she talks about how nice everything is. They pack up and go.

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Dina lashes out at Jack-YR-CBSDina is in her room with Graham, looking for her glasses. He offers to go to the venue to look for them. She thanks him and complains about what a disappointment Jack is. After Graham departs, Ravi shows up with Dina’s glasses. She vents about Jack. After he leaves, Graham returns and Dina vents about Jack some more until Jack finally arrives. After Jack sends Graham out, his mom lectures him for dumping her at the event. He explains that he had to help Nikki leave. His mom doesn’t understand what he’s thinking and accuses him of playing with fire. Jack snaps and reminds her that she never let someone being married get in the way. She slaps him.

Ravi tells Ashley about her mom-YR-CBSVictor stares out the restaurant window in Newman Tower. Ashley interrupts and he talks about how helpful their daughter was. She starts quizzing him about his family problems. He tells her about the fistfight and the MS flare up. Ash is sorry about his problems but sure he’ll get past them. When she walks off, he sadly looks at family photos in the press coverage. Across the room, Ravi arrives and tells Ashley how stressed out her mom was. Ash will keep her eyes on her.

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When Scott gets to the office, Abby warns that her father may be in a mood today. She snaps at him and then apologizes. He’s sympathetic and hopes her father thanks her for her work. Later, Victor shows up and tells his daughter how proud he is of her. He adds that Nick is no longer his son but won’t explain. Abby feels left out but he assures her that the rest of the family has nothing to do with their relationship. They hug. Afterwards, Victor speaks to Scott in his office. He tells him about disowning Nick and how everyone is against him. Scott assures him he’s not. Scott and Abby later discuss his conversation with her father. He thinks it’s best neither of them know what’s going on with Victor.

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Noah and Tessa go to the club for breakfast. He keeps wanting to spend more time with her. They eat and kiss.

Nikki returns home. Victor is waiting for her. They discuss the benefit. She needed some space to get perspective. He sees things more clearly now too. Nikki doesn’t want to rehash things and needs to take a break. He wasn’t happy she left with Jack but he’s stopped caring. She loves him but can’t get passed what he’s done. Victor knows that pretending they are a couple is hard on her, so they will no longer pretend. She’s the love of his life, but if she’s not interested, he’s walking away. He walks out. She moves to the door but stops and weeps.

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“I’m very grateful that you solved a problem that your father created,” Victor tells Noah.

“I did that to protect you and this family,” Nick insists. “If I closed my eyes, I’d swear it was your father!” Nikki shoots back.

“’Air as much of that material as you see fit.’ That was a direct quote from Victor,” Hilary tells Howard.

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