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In the Chancellor estate, Michael and Esther are dumbfounded by Kevin’s announcement that he’s moving to Oregon and pepper him with questions. Michael demands to know what’s really going on. Kevin spins a yarn about how he ended up in Oregon rather than Tahiti, and claims it was calming. Esther and Michael feel that he and Bella need family, but Kevin argues there are too many memories there. Bella appears. Kevin embraces her and Michael suggests they go to the park.

At the park café, Michael grills Kevin alone about his plans. Kevin doesn’t want Bella to grow up with the baggage of being Chloe Mitchell and Kevin Fisher’s daughter. Kevin-Michael-goodbye-YR-CBSThey flash to when Kevin first showed up in Michael’s Genoa City office and marvel at how far they’ve come. Kevin still won’t stay and says nothing will change his mind. Michael has no choice but to accept it, so he and Kevin share an emotional farewell embrace.

At Crimson Lights, Mariah asks Sharon if you ever really get over the love of your life. Her mother feels you can have more than one, and wonders if she’s worried Devon is still in love with Hilary. Mariah brushes it off, and steps away when Chelsea arrives. After some small talk, Chelsea asks Sharon to come back to Chelsea 2.0, but Sharon doesn’t have enough time. Chelsea sighs that she needs to find help. Sharon gives her a pep talk.

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In his office, Victor re-reads Nikki’s note.

Tessa-MS-Nick-YR-CBSAt the tackhouse, Tessa worries to Nick that Nikki may not show up for the concert. Nick feels she may not want to, but Tessa alludes to her possibly not being able to perform. Nick begs her to come clean. She reveals Nikki had an MS flare-up, and asks him not to tell Victor. Nick agrees, but plans to get into it with his mother – there’s not going to be a concert.

Nikki arrives at home and holds her shaking hands over the piano keys while making a pained expression.

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At the park, Abby works to set up for the concert with Scott, who can’t wait to get back to their regular jobs.Newmans-concert-set-up-YR-CBS Victor arrives and chortles that he thought the two of them would work well together. Abby’s puzzled when he remarks that Nikki probably won’t come by to scope out the piano and set-up. Nick arrives and Scott listens as he confronts Victor about making Nikki’s life intolerable. Nikki appears and gushes about the set-up, even thanking Victor, before going home to practice. After, Victor growls to Nick that his presumptions about his mother were wrong.

Back at Newman, Abby muses to Victor that Nikki seemed enthusiastic about the concert. She wonders why they haven’t had a family dinner lately and asks about the tension. Victor can’t stand them being apart and wants nothing more for them to get along again. Abby admires a flashy necklace Vic has for Nikki. He hopes the concert will bring the Newmans together again.

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Scott arrives at Crimson Lights and reports that he and Nick were cordial at the park. Chelsea leaves, and Scott tells Sharon that Nick’s attitude toward the concert sucked; like he doesn’t want a part of it. Sharon-Scott-half-right-YR-CBSSharon says he’s half right, and explains the tension. Scott remarks on Abby not feeling as secure as her half-siblings – he can relate to growing up without knowing your father. Sharon feels Dr. Grainger would be proud of him. She reveals her father abandoned her family when she was young. Scott notes that’s something else they have in common. On the patio, Tessa worries to Mariah about what she told Nick. Mariah reassures her.

Nick catches up with Nikki at the ranch and confronts her about her flare-up, asking her not to be mad at Tessa. Nikki insists she was at a delightful spa and is ready to perform tomorrow. Nick says she’s not doing that, but Nikki declares she’s going to do this for herself. Her son feels she’s still brainwashed; she just can’t see it. Nikki proves she’s up to the challenge by playing Nick a tune. He concedes and leaves her to practice. Nikki continues playing but grimaces in pain. Nick peeks in, and quietly closes the door.

Chelsea runs into Bella and Kevin in the park and they discuss how surreal the goings-on at the wedding were. Kevin says they have to get going, and Bella enthuses, “We’re going to see mommy!”

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Cane says, “Victoria had to let me go.” Mattie asks, “Wait. She fired you?”

Victoria, standing with Billy, says to Lily, “Sorry it had to go down that way, but Cane left me no choice.”

Victor tells Nick to show up at the concert and be on his best behavior. Nick replies, “This concert is not for her, it’s for you. Cancel it.”

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